Our recommendations for trekking in Jordan

On the borders of the East and the Mediterranean, Jordan is a country with a thousand-year-old history. From Amman to Wadi Rum via the Nabatean cities of Petra, your trip to Jordan will be full of surprises. Get ready to experience a real trek through human history following in the footsteps of the Bedouin. Your steps will take you from the dunes of the desert to the shores of the Red Sea. Get ready for an unforgettable nomadic experience!

Trip to Jordan: Wadi rum

Bedouin trekking in Jordan: 7 days in the Wadi Rum desert

> Environment: mountains, desert, valley, sea
> Difficulty: medium to difficult
> Suggested time: October to May
> Average time: 7 days

We start with a must-see: Wadi Rum. It is a mecca for hikers here in Jordan. Located 320 kilometres from Amman, this rocky, sandy desert is well worth the detour. Wilderness as far as the eye can see, peaks of over 1800 metres, rocky scenery with incredible red and ochre colours: all the ingredients are there!

On this desert trek, you will hike to the unforgettable ancient city of Petra. On the way, you will also pass by Gharandal Wadi, the Rainbow Valley and the Mhazarah mountains. Save some strength to explore the Mrabid Valley and its rare beauty. To finish this tour, you can try swimming in the Dead Sea. An unforgettable experience!

The desert trekking experience requires special skills and knowledge. Never venture out without the help of a local guide.

Expedition in the Wadi Rum desert

Great Jordan Crossing: Travel from Amman to the Red Sea

> Environment: mountain, valley, desert, sea
> Difficulty: medium to difficult
> Suggested season: May to October
> Average time: 14 days
> Total elevation gain: 3700 D+ and NC 4200 D-

Departing from Amman and its citadel, the great crossing of Jordan will take you to the gates of Ghor Faultline and the high plateaus of Edom and Moab. You can go on an adventure in the mythical Rainbow Valley, a geological wonder absolutely unique in the Middle East.
After discovering the ancient cities of Petra, you will follow the fault line of the great rift, through a sublime and rocky landscape, to arrive on the famous plain of Wadi Araba. Here, intriguing desert panoramas invite you to bivouac under the stars, away from the world. After this leap through time and the elements, you will reach the Red Sea and the mythical Wadi Rum, a must for all trekkers.

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Jordan Trail: a 675 kilometre trek through Petra

> Environment: mountain, valley, desert, sea
> Difficulty: difficult
> Suggested season: October to April
> Average time: 40 days
> Total elevation gain: 18000 D+

The Jordan Trail is a trekking trail created in 2015 and is still unknown to most travellers. However, this hike is a unique opportunity to follow in the footsteps of Lawrence of Arabia.

The trekking route we propose starts in the Umm Qais hills, which are located in the extreme north of Jordan. The trek in question is divided into 36 stages and passes through many villages, where you can easily find a place to stay overnight. The local people are very welcoming, with some great encounters in between.

You will then drive along the Dead Sea, before continuing into the Wadi Mujib canyon. On the way, don't miss a visit to the Kerak Fortress and the Dana Nature Reserve, home to rare flora and fauna in the Middle East.

Obviously, this Jordanian trek includes two essential stages: the Nabatean ruins of Petra and the desert of Wadi Rum, whose peaks climb to 1,800 metres. At the end of the road - 675 kilometres - you will reach the Gulf of Aqaba and its unique view of the Red Sea. Pure joy!

Trekking in Jordan cannot be improvised. This is a route for experienced hikers, requiring excellent physical fitness and suitable equipment.

Trekking in Jordan: our tips for adventurers

Trekking in Jordan: Should you go alone or with a guide?

Many backpackers wonder if they can go trekking alone in Jordan. If of course, some places can be discovered on their own, we will always recommend you to be accompanied by a guide and even more if you plan to spend several days in the desert. Indeed, in these hostile regions, water points are rare and it is not necessarily easy to find your way. If you want to travel safely, use the services of a local guide. And if you really do have to go it alone, be prepared and make a point of filling in your last place of accommodation with your contact details and detailed itinerary.

Off to Jordan!
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