Inspiration: 5 ideas for trekking in Bolivia

Set out trekking in bolivia: route suggestions

From Paz to Sur Lípez, along with the peaks of the Andes, Bolivia has countless options for trekking fans looking for an adventure in the great outdoors. Atop the Altiplano, this multicultural country is a real mosaic of landscapes and colours

At the foothills of the Cordillera Real, Bolivia is the trekking heaven of South America. This is an unmissable destination for hikers around the world. To help you get ready for your trip, discover our 5 top ideas for trekking in Bolivia.

Trek in sur lípez: volcanoes and the salt desert

> Environment: mountain
> Difficulty: moderate to difficult
> Recommended season: May to September
> Average duration: 15 days
> Total elevation: 2500 D+ and 2635 D-

During this Bolivian trek, you can discover lunar landscapes and volcanic ambiances, where nature shows of its most powerful elements. You'll be surprised by the colours and diversity of the landscapes in this part of the country. It wouldn't be unusual for you to come across pink flamingos and giant cacti.
You'll cross the Uyuni salt flat, the world's biggest salt desert. You'll be able to discover multicoloured lagoons with unrivalled beauty, and then climb Uturuncu, which rises up an impressive 6000 metres. This altitude trek requires excellent physical preparation, and is suited to experienced hikers.

Inspiration: 5 ideas for trekking in Bolivia

Trek in the cordillera real: a must-have for any bolivian trekking trip

> Environment: mountain
> Difficulty: difficult
> Recommended season: May to September
> Average duration: 15 days
> Total elevation: 4110 D+ and 4420 D-

Trekking fans will tell you: the Cordillera Real is a must-see during a trip to Bolivia. From Paz, you'll cross the Yungas region to reach the high-rising peaks of the Andes. Welcome to the Mecca of trekkers! So, you're a fan of craggy hiking trails that take you within reach of the clouds? Good news: here, the trekking possibilities are almost endless.
Start the journey on the banks of Lake Titicaca, then set off to bivouac by Laguna Cacha. Next, you'll discover the impressive Chachacomani glacier, before heading onto the Mollo pass at an altitude of 5000 metres. Please note, this high-mountain trekking route is suited to advanced hikers.

Inspiration: 5 ideas for trekking in Bolivia

Trek around illampu: a route for discovering bolivia

> Environment: mountain
> Difficulty: difficult
> Recommended season: May to September
> Average duration: 7 days
> Positive elevation: 5750 D+

Located 100 kilometres north-east of Paz, this little-known Bolivian trail will take you around Illampu, an imposing peak standing tall at an altitude of 6370 metres. This loop gives you another view over the Bolivian Andes. You'll cross four impressive passes at an altitude of over 4500 metres.
Setting off from Sorata, this loop passes through the passes of Illampu and Korahuasi. You'll then continue on to Calzada, with a highest point at an altitude of 5045 metres. Please note that this trek requires some serious physical preparation and specific equipment to take on the glacial temperatures of the Andes peaks.

Inspiration: 5 ideas for trekking in Bolivia

Trek at 6000 m: climbing the nevado chachacomani

> Environment: mountain
> Difficulty: advanced
> Recommended season: May to September
> Average duration: 4 days
> Positive elevation: 5750 D+

Setting off from the village of Cruz Pampa, this trek will take you on a trail to reveal the high summits of the Andes, at an altitude of over 6000 metres. After a night camped out at the base of the Nevado Chachacomani, you'll head for the glacier before beginning the climb before sunrise.
If you manage this physically challenging trek, you'll be rewarded with the view from th summit of the Cordillera, which will take your breath away and make it all worth it. This route is reserved for experienced hikers with good knowledge of high-altitude trekking. We'd say that using a knowledgeable local guide is essential.

Easy trekking: from paz to lake titicaca

> Environment: mountain
> Difficulty: easy
> Recommended season: May to September
> Average duration: 3 days
> Total elevation: 1050 D+ and 1185 D-

Beyond the luxuriant plains of Paz, sheltered by the Altiplano, discover the hidden gem that is the highest navigable lake in the world: Lake Titicaca. Here is an excellent option for beginner trekkers who want to discover a first experience of mountain tourism.
For 3 days, you'll discover Copacabana, the sunshine isle, the Inca site of Pilkokaina, and the small, traditional village of Yumani. You'll then reach Paz to continue your journey through Bolivia.

Inspiration: 5 ideas for trekking in Bolivia

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