Inspiration: 5 trekking ideas in Canada

Inspiration: 5 trekking ideas in canada

From Quebec to the Yukon, via Alberta, explore Canada to satisfy your thirst for the great outdoors. The excellent trekking country of this North American nation has all the ingredients for a successful adventure: national parks, unspoiled countryside and incredible biodiversity.
Prepare your trip by discovering our 5 suggestions for treks in Canada. Get on board now!

Trek in ontario: route of the cloche silhouette trail

> Environment: forest and mountain
> Difficulty: advanced
> Recommended period: June to September
> Average duration:10 days
> Total distance: 73.5 km
> Positive elevation gain: 2301 D+

The Cloche Silhouette is a 73.5-kilometre loop located near Killarney, Ontario. This hiking trail takes you on a journey of discovery of the flora and fauna of Canada. From the top of Mount Silver you can enjoy the unique scenery of Killarney National Park.
We recommend that you do this advanced level loop clockwise. This will reduce the number of difficult climbs you have to do. Be mindful of the weather conditions because you will have to cross a number of streams and rivers.

Inspiration: 5 trekking ideas in Canada

Hiking in quebec: the charlevoix crossing on foot or by bike

> Environment: forest and mountain
> Difficulty: medium to difficult
> Recommended period: July to September
> Average duration: 7 days
> Total distance: 105 km
> Total elevation gain: 3354 D+ and 3692 D-

The route from Charlevoix to Quebec offers the experience of escaping to the natural surroundings of the boreal forest. Whether it is from a hut or chalet, you can easily observe the wildlife. You may come across a porcupine or the beaver, or even a black bear, as a result. So take precautions, especially when bivouacking at night.
In the heart of the World Biosphere Reserve, this long-distance hiking route can be done on foot, on skis or on a mountain bike. Between the forests, lakes, rivers and mountains, discover the unspoiled version of Canada, while exploring the province of Quebec.

Inspiration: 5 trekking ideas in Canada

The donjek glacier: a trek through the wild yukon

> Environment: mountain
> Difficulty: very difficult
> Recommended period: June to September
> Average duration: 12 to 14 days
> Total distance: 274 km
> Total elevation gain: 2570 D+ and 2620 D-

In the Canadian northwest, in the Yukon, many wide open spaces remain unexplored. There can be no better adventure in the Far North than a trek lasting several days to explore a 56 km-long glacier.
The Donjek Glacier trek is a difficult hike off the beaten track that is partially signposted and takes you into the heart of wild Canada. The services of a professional guide are essential for hiking in this hostile environment reserved for mountain enthusiasts.

Inspiration: 5 trekking ideas in Canada

Itinerant trip in the canadian rockies

> Environment: mountain
> Difficulty:difficult
> Recommended period: June to August
> Average duration:7 days
> Positive elevation gain: 5600 D+

A must-see on a trip to Canada, the Canadian Rockies are the ideal playing field for trekking and mountain enthusiasts. This circuit that passes through the national parks of Yoho or Jasper, between valleys, glaciers, forests and lakes promises freedom and adventure.
The range of the Canadian Rockies forms a craggy landscape, carved by ice and water, forming vertiginous peaks, lakes and deep canyons. Go on a trek at the heart of wild and unspoiled valleys, enjoy the thrills of canoeing and observe an incredible biodiversity in the forest or in the mountains. What is included on your itinerant trip to Canada: Yoho and Banff National Parks, famous Lake Louise and the Icefields Parkway.

Inspiration: 5 trekking ideas in Canada

Discover canada's national parks on a trek

> Environment: mountain
> Difficulty: medium to difficult
> Recommended period: June to October
> Average duration: 14 days
> Positive elevation gain: 4720 D+

Imagine immense wild forests, peaks covered with permanent snow and emerald-coloured lakes. From Alberta to British Columbia, the Rocky Mountains are home to many national parks for discovering trekking. If you are in search of the great outdoors, do not miss this route to the west coast.
Exploring Canada's national parks provides many opportunities for easily observing the native wildlife: moose, elk, deer, bighorn sheep, caribou. You will travel through a variety of landscapes as you pass through the Okanagan Valley, Garibaldi Park or the Columbia Mountains.

Inspiration: 5 trekking ideas in Canada

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