The most beautiful treks in Europe

The best treks to experience in europe

How would you like to take on the mountains of the European continent with your family or friends?
We’ll share the top 6 of our favourite trekking routes to travel through Europe from East to West and North to South!

With legendary routes that cross the continent or magical mountain peaks, these treks are of course long-distance.
Follow us for an adventure!

In Europe, there are many itinerant treks and it is difficult to determine with certainty which ones are the most beautiful.
This is true especially as Europe is a continent with a variety of landscapes and cultures, offering plenty of opportunities to explore!
We propose itineraries from the northern countries of Europe (Sweden) to the southern countries (Portugal), passing of course through Eastern and Western Europe.

Long-distance hiking in europe:
our tips

  • Travel and Transport in Europe

    Transport in europe

    To limit the carbon impact of your travels, choose low-impact and/or group transport!
    Great deals: Interrail passes!

  • Exchanging currency in Europe

    Do i need to exchange my cash?

    Good news: if you stay within the European Union, you do not need to change your money. Also, check that your bank card allows you to withdraw money abroad without excessive commission.


    Trekking nights: bivouac or shelter?

    Make sure that bivouacking is possible on your route: some natural or national parks prohibit bivouacs, in which case you will need to book shelters before you leave. Another option: going with a local guide lets you to rely on a professional to organise your nights!

The alps: a natural border that can be crossed thanks to the via alpina 

Discover the 8 countries of the Alps thanks to 5 hiking routes, over 5,000 km.
From Monaco to Slovenia, the Via Alpina passes through France, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Germany, Italy and Austria. You will discover many of the most beautiful paths in Europe in the heart of a mountain range, which are demanding for hikers, but rewarding with gorgeous landscapes.

Of course, you won't be able to do it in one go, unless you plan on doing it for several years. But mountain treks lasting several days on different parts of the trail are quite possible on this route!

The Best Legendary Treks: La Via Alpina

The cantabrian mountain range, home to some of the most beautiful treks in europe: los picos de europa

Los Picos de Europa, or the “Peaks of Europe”, are located in northern Spain and can be explored on foot, in the heart of a preserved natural park declared a biosphere reserve by UNESCO in 2003.
Sailors arriving from the West called the peaks of the Cantabrian mountain range "“peaks of Europe”" because they were their first sign of approaching the European coast.

Lovers of hiking, climbing, nature and good food will enjoy the heart of the mountain range and its peaks. The less athletic (or the tired) can even take the cable car from Fuente Dé and enjoy an incredible view at an altitude of 1,823 metres.
There are numerous long-distance and short-distance hiking trails in the heart of the nature park, so it's up to you to choose the one that suits you best. Please note, however, that it is prohibited to bivouac in the natural park, so remember to book hostels and mountain refuges.

With glaciers, canyons, prairies, and forests, the landscape is varied and superb!
Our top pick: don’t miss Cares Gorge.

Best trek in Europe - Picos de Europa

The upper tatras:
from polands to slovakia

Have you always been fascinated by the Carpathian Mountains? Go on a journey across the High Tatras!

You will be in the heart of the Pieniny National Park, which is split between Poland and Slovakia. The National Park has some of the highest peaks in Eastern Europe and is crossed by the Dunajec River, which partly forms the border between the two countries.
The route includes some aerial passages and a decent gradient climb: this is a route for trained hikers only! But the effort will pay off as you will be rewarded by the beauty of the landscape, mountains and lakes. Notice to wildlife lovers: lynxes, marmots, chamois but also brown bears and wolves populate these legendary mountains.

It is prohibited to camp in the Parks (technically, there is a Polish park and a Slovakian park) but there are many refuges that will allow you to share evenings in a friendly atmosphere with other hikers while learning how to drink in all languages! But beware, these Eastern European summits are very busy in the summer: if you are looking for peace and quiet, go in the spring or autumn.

As a bonus: take advantage of your visit to Krakow to spend a few nights in youth hostels to discover the cultural wealth of the Polish capital!

Best trek in Europe - Tatras

The slovene alpine trail, one of the most beautiful trails in europe

Slovenian culture is very much linked to the mountains and hiking. So of course the Slovenian mountains have marked routes and trails for hikers of all levels.

Of the 20,000 km of Slovenian territory, 10,000 km is covered by footpaths! By the way, the Via Alpina runs through Slovenia.
Nature is very present and mountains and hills cover 70% of the country! With forests, waterfalls and lakes, Slovenia's natural resources are well worth exploring.

If you have the time (about 28 days) treat yourself to a trek on the Slovenian Alpine Trail and you will be won over by the quality of the routes and the refuges. From Maribor to Debeli Rtič on the Adriatic side, this route will offer you a fabulous but demanding adventure, passing 23 peaks and 3 museums! 
Please note that in Slovakia bivouacs are not allowed outside the designated areas. This is an opportunity for you to mingle with Slovenian hikers in the evenings in the refuges and hostels. An experience also for gourmets as you can taste delicious local dishes to eat with a spoon.

On the website of the Slovenian Hiking Federation you can book your refuges and get discounts if you join the association! (we told you they were hiking fans!)
The website of the Slovenian Tourist Board is also full of information on the hiking routes.

Best trek in Europe - Slovenia

The royal way: kungsleden in sweden

Do you dream of spending several weeks in northern Sweden, in Swedish Lapland, on an exceptional trek? The Kungsleden trek is for you.
Please note: weather conditions and the season you are travelling in will be a determining factor.
- If you want to do a classic trek, go at the end of the summer.
- If you dream of a ski trip, you will go in winter but with a professional and well-equipped guide.

From Hemavan to Abisko, the trail runs for over 400 km. Streams, flowering meadows, wild animals and Lappish birch forests will charm walkers. With a bit of luck you will also come across some hot springs (be careful, they’re REALLY hot). And above all, at the end of the day, if you have booked a refuge, you can relax in the sauna! This is a good opportunity to regain your strength at each stage and to meet other hikers since in Scandinavian cultures the sauna is an essential place of discussion.
Also, if you go in summer, you may want to hike under the special light of the midnight sun.

The Kungslenden trail is said to be one of the most beautiful ones in the world! Do you want to go to Sweden in winter and experience a different kind of hiking? Go in ice skates with a guide!

Best trek in Europe - Lapland

The mont blanc tour to take in the sights

For one or two weeks, go on a tour of the highest peak in Europe! Without major difficulty, this itinerary allows you to admire the beauty of the Chamonix Valley from the mountains. It is without doubt one of the most beautiful trails in Europe.

Talking about the Mont Blanc Tour trek is a bit difficult because actually, there are as many versions of this hike as there are hikers. You can start from Courmayeur in Italy, Chamonix in France, Les Houches or Vallorcine. The tip that is shared among gourmet trekkers is that you can eat very well in most of the refuges, especially those located in Italy. And yes, doing the Mont Blanc Tour means crossing the border between France, Italy and Switzerland!

You can make a loop or choose to walk the whole way and return by bus. Some guides also offer this trek on their own with donkeys carrying most of the equipment and keeping you company on the trails. The "Autour du Mont Blanc" website lets you prepare your itinerary for an affordable, autonomous trek.

You can also plan to go with a guide, to benefit from their knowledge of the history of the route and to better discover the local fauna and flora.

Best Trek in Europe - Mont Blanc Tour

We can already hear you asking “What??” Why don't they talk about the GR 20, the Amalfi coast and the treks in Norway, etc.?"
We’ve made some frankly questionable choices because after all, the beauty of a landscape lies in the beholder.
But one thing is for sure, if you have done a touring trip in Europe that left you speechless, tell us about it in the comments, it could inspire us for other articles!

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