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Exploring chile and peru, on the inca trail

Follow Kimberlay, our ambassador who loves to travel the world as she treks in the footsteps of the Incas!

Looking for a destination that offers a combination of sports and exploration? You'll love Kimberlay's story! From the Atacama Desert to Machu Picchu, culture and physical exertion go hand in hand.

Some information about this backpacking trip:

  • Exploring Chile and Peru, on the Inca trail


    16 days

  • Exploring Chile and Peru, on the Inca Trail


    Approximately 3000 km of travelling

  • Exploring Chile and Peru, on the Inca Trail

    Medium-sized budget

    €30 per day

  • Exploring Chile and Peru, on the Inca Trail

    Transport mode(s)

    Walking with a backpack

  • Exploring Chile and Peru, on the Inca Trail

    Best time to travel

    December to February

  • Exploring Chile and Peru, on the Inca Trail

    Themes of the route

    Idiosyncrasy, sport and culture

Kimberlay Chile Peru Map

Kimberlay's route

1. San Pedro in the Atacama Desert (Chile)

2. Cusco

3. Salcantay

4. Machu Picchu

5. Aguas Calientes

Atacama Desert Chile Peru

Atacama desert

San Pedro is at the heart of the Atacama Desert. This small tourist town is the ideal place to explore the riches of this desert.

Top places to visit: Valle de la Luna, Valle de la Muerte, Piedros Rojas, Salar de Tara y Aguas Calientes. 

Dance Cusco Peru

Cusco, capital of the incas

I was lucky to arrive at the time of the National Arts Festival. A real wonder! I got to see Peruvians in their traditional costumes, dancing all over the city.

3 Salcantay llamas


4 days, 3 nights, 85km, 4000m of elevation gain, 9 hours of hiking per day. The most difficult part of my trip, yet the most rewarding. It's a trek where you need to be in good physical condition, especially your breathing ;) 

Machu Picchu

Machu picchu

The final stage of the Salcantay trek, and not a bad one at that, is the ascension and tour of Machu Picchu. It takes about one hour to climb and involves approximately 2000 steps. Although it is very demanding physically, it is a site that cannot be missed. Too bad that the weather was not on my side! 

Peru Lake

Aguas calientes

A pretty town which remains the spot from which to visit Machu Picchu. Worth a try: the thermal waters which are a real treat after a big hike! 

As a bonus...

Exploring Chile and Peru, on the Inca trail

A good tip

For a successful trip, take the time to get used to the altitude. There is much less oxygen in the air above 2500m and the symptoms of acute altitude sickness are very unpleasant. On average, you can climb between 300 and 500m per day. As for me, over the 15 days of the trip, I only had a headache for half a day!

The culinary stop

I highly recommend the Ceviche in Peru which is absolutely to die for. These are cubes of fresh fish marinated in lemongrass accompanied by small vegetables.