Better than Jules Verne, Kimberlay set off to explore Europe in 20 days.
From train to train, follow her journey through these renowned cities of the ancient continent.

A perfect travel itinerary for aspiring adventurers or those who want to limit their carbon footprint!
Going to Europe is a very good training before going to more distant destinations like Asia or South America.
This allows you to test and visualize all possible unforeseen events on this type of trip. Budget, journey, and tips, Kimberlay shares all her traveler tips so that you too can offer yourself a wonderful tour of Europe by train.

Tour of Europe travel itinerary

Travelling in Europe is good training before tackling more long distance destinations such as Asia or South America.

It means you can do a trial run and see for yourself the unforeseen events possible on this type of trip.


Tour of Europe travel itinerary map

KIMBERLAY'S ROUTE for this 15 days tour of europe

(trip made in August 2018)
1. Brussels

2. Berlin

3. Prague

4. Vienna

5. Budapest

6. Krakow


Brussels is a city full of charm, especially if you stop in the centre. I wandered around the Grand Place, saw the Manneken Pis and visited the Hergé Museum.

It’s a city where it's good to eat a waffle in the sunshine! Do not leave without its famous speculoos in your bag, you can offer it as a gift to your friends or to your host in the next city.

Belgium backpacking trip Brussels visit
Germany backpacking trip Berlin visit

BERLIN, THE CITY OF BEARS that you must absolutely VISIT BY BIKE

It's one of my favourite cities because there are a lot of parks and cycle lanes (around 620 km). The bicycle really is the best way to see the city in a few days.
This is one of my favorite cities! But be carfeul, the city is huge, do not hesitate to rent a bike to be able to see as much as possible, there are a large number of parks and cycle paths (count 620 km of track).

Berlin Wall, Holocaust Memorial, Brandenburg Gate, the city has an incredible historical heritage. The different neighborhoods reveal its many facets. If you like alternative places, Berlin is your city. Festival or culture, the choice is yours!

I stopped off in the very typical summer beer gardens and flea markets that are often hidden away from tourists.


The Vltava river runs through the city and divides it in two. It's an extremely romantic city rich in architecture.

The city is a Unesco heritage since 1992. It's a great place to live. Victim of its own success, prices are generally pretty high in Prague but if you book your hostel in advance you should be getting a good price. You can travel by tram for an even more typical experience!

I was able to pedalo on the river and hike on the Mala Strana side. It's a little steep however the city view is breathtaking!

Czech Republic backpacking trip Prague visit
Austria backpacking trip Vienna visit


It's an very well organised city with an extremely rich cultural heritage
For a long time, it has been considered as the music capital of the world, many composers have lived there and its philharmonic orchestra is still a reference worldwide today. Franz Schubert, Stefan Zweig, Sigmund Freud, Romy Schneider ...Vienna has many famous inhabitants!

I visited the famous Zoo and the Sisi Imperial Palace. I also attended a classical music concert. The added extra: stop to taste their famous Viennese coffee.


Penultimate city of my trip, it's a very pleasant city and be assured that you will feel safe.

I did a long tour of the city, stopping now and again at typical “Ruin bars”: these are former residences or warehouses that have been done up to welcome a crowd and contemporary artists.

Known as a "low cost city" in recent years, the city has fallen victim to its own success and prices have risen sharply. Think outside the box to find good deals!

Be careful not to confuse Budapest, the capital of Hungary, and Bucharest, the capital of Romania! Their names are phonetically close but are two completely different cities. I did not have the pleasure of visiting Bucharest this time, but I hope to be able to discover it soon.

Hungary backpacking trip Budapest visit


It's the second biggest city in Poland. It has a lot of charm, it is a Unesco heritage city since 1978. I was able to visit the city center to discover its exceptional architectural heritage. I was also able to make my dream of doing outdoor activities in the city come true by canoeing on the Vistula!

It's a very accessible place in terms of price for accommodation and food, rich in cultural visits, sporting activities and easy to visit, it is a destination to recommend to all aspiring globetrotters!

Tour of Europe in 20 days


Tour of Europe in 20 days
Tour of Europe in 20 days

By Kimberlay, Head of Decathlon Gennevilliers and Explorer of the great outdoors

Her extra word of advice:

"Great journeys are so wonderful that the magic begins even before departure. We open the atlas and dream over the maps."