Trekking in Costa Rica: our ideas for adventure

Our trekking suggestions for your next trip to costa rica

Going on a trek in Costa Rica means diving into a wild and preserved nature, discovering countless national parks. Idyllic beaches, active volcanoes and tropical jungle will make up the panorama of this immersion in the exuberant flora and fauna. Whether it's a sporty trek up the Talamanca mountain range, an observation hike in the Corcovado or a backpacking trip in the Pacific, Costa Rica is the place to be!

Go on a 3-day trek in costa rica: cerro chirripo

> Environment: Tropical forest, mountain
> Difficulty: medium to difficult
> Suggested season: October to March
> Average time: 3 days
> Elevation gain: 3085 D+

Stretching over more than 50,000 hectares in the heart of the Talamanca mountain range, the Cerro Chirripo National Park includes three high peaks over 3,800 metres. Are you a mountain trekker? Then you've come to the right place! Climbing the 3,821 metre Cerro Chirripo from San Gerardo is a must-do experience in Costa Rica. This climb is worth the detour, if only for the incredible diversity of landscapes you will encounter on your way: tropical forest, waterfalls, rocky cliffs, and more.

This 3-day trek cannot be done on a whim. It is essential that you prepare for your visit and apply for a national park permit several months in advance. This well-marked trekking route can be done without a guide, for a solo immersion in nature. You should also know that the first 4 kilometres of the route are accessible without a permit. You can then continue through Cloudbridge Nature Reserve.

Trip to Costa Rica : our ideas for adventure

Set off to discover the jungle: from los quetzales national park to corcovado

> Environment: tropical forest, jungle, seas, mountain
> Difficulty: medium to difficult
> Suggested season: October to April
> Average time: 3 days
> Total elevation gain: 2220 D+ et 4090 D-

Set off on an itinerant trek immersed in the wilderness to discover two of Costa Rica's must-see places: the high forest of Los Quetzales Park and Corcovado National Park. You will cross a great variety of landscapes in jungle, sea and mountain.

During this 10-day trek, you will discover the many facets of this small Central American country. You will have the opportunity to hike in different environments, to disconnect in total freedom. You can bivouac in the middle of nature, discovering ecosystems and biotopes that are unique in the world.

From cloud forest to tropical rainforest, from the wild beaches of the Osa Peninsula to the white sands of Manuel Antonio, this trek from Los Quetzales to Corcovado promises an adventure full of discoveries and surprises. Welcome to Costa Rica: a destination for nature lovers. Pura vida!

Hiking in Costa Rica: our ideas for adventure

Trekking the volcanoes of costa rica: arenal, tenorio, rincon de la vieja

> Environment: rainforest, jungle, sea, mountain
> Difficulty: medium to difficult
> Suggested season: December to April
> Average time: 9 days
> Elevation gain: 2500 D+

Discover the volcanoes of Costa Rica on an itinerant walking tour, immersed in the tropical forest. You will walk the famous Ruta Sukia, an ecotourism trek that will take you into the heart of the jungle and meet the local communities.

You will then discover three national parks in Costa Rica: Braulio Carillo, Rincón de la Vieja and the Arenal Volcano, a sublime volcanic cone still active. You will continue your journey to Tapanti and then spend several days hiking in the Los Santos nature reserve. A great adventure in contact with the wildlife, to take the time to observe the emblematic species of Costa Rica. On the way, be sure to take a dip in the Pacific Ocean or in the hot springs of Arenal.

Trekking in Costa Rica: our ideas for adventure

Backpacking in costa rica on a caribbean to pacific tour

> Environment: tropical forest, jungle, sea, mountain
> Suggested season: October to April
> Average time: 15 to 20 days

Backpack to Costa Rica and discover a wild and preserved paradise. On the shores of the Caribbean Sea, discover Tortuguero, nicknamed the little Amazon, a privileged site for wildlife observation in the middle of the jungle. Also explore the lush vegetation of Cahuita National Park on a nature walk.

En route to the Pacific coast, stop at the foot of Arenal volcano and hike through the forest, before relaxing in the sulphur springs. Follow in the footsteps of the howler monkeys in the Monteverde forest, then head to Manuel Antonio National Park. Finally, end your journey on the beautiful wild beaches of the Nicoya Peninsula, a paradise for surfing and lounging.

backpacking in Costa Rica: our ideas for adventure

Take advantage of the trek in costa rica to go diving

Take advantage of your trek in Costa Rica to discover the Pacific seabed on a scuba diving trip. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Isla del Coco is a mecca for diving in Central America. Beneath the surface of the ocean lies a wild paradise with a rare diversity of pelagic life.
This unspoilt paradise is only accessible to a limited number of travelers to protect the marine species. Underwater, you can observe turtles, clown fish, the manta ray or the whale shark.

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