Travelling to Greenland for a trek: itineraries and tips

Trekking in greeland: how to prepare for your trip

The second-largest island in the world, Greenland is almost entirely covered by a huge ice cap. Straddling the Arctic Circle, this wild and unspoilt country is a favourite for trekkers who love the far north. Hike a glacier, sail past icebergs and learn about Inuit culture. Pack your backpack now and let's go on a trip to Greenland together!

Ski adventure in greenland: between fjords and mountains

> Environment: mountain, fjord
> Difficulty: difficult
> Suggested season: March to May
> Average time: 8 days
> Total elevation: 4750 D+ and 3950 D-

Embark on an adventure in Inuit territory, deep in the impressive fjords of East Greenland! Welcome to Schweizerland, a wild mountain range that will be your playground on an absolutely unique ski touring trek! Beware, this adventure is for advanced skiers!

The expedition starts in a small Inuit village and will lead you to ski touring spots, the likes of which are rare on the planet. From the small village of Kuummiut, you will set out to conquer the Tripples and the Tasiilaq and Tunu fjords.

With a backpack on your shoulders, a ski trek in Greenland cannot be improvised. It requires a very good physical preparation to be able to do several hours of ski touring each day.

Ski trekking in Greeland between fjords and mountains: Schweizerland

Expedition to polar lands: trekking in southern greenland

> Environment: mountain, fjord
> Difficulty: difficult
> Recommended period: June to August
> Average duration: 8 days
> Total elevation: 1020 D+

The history of Greenland is closely linked to that of Erik the Red, a Viking driven from Iceland who landed at Qassarsiuk in the 9th century. He named this land “Greenland”. Discover this country of contrasts where all the extremes meet, during a trek in the middle of nature, just a stone's throw from the Arctic Circle. For a first expedition, the south of the country is ideal, since the presence of villages and hamlets makes it possible to spend the night in a refuge or a youth hostel, which, at these latitudes, can be very useful.

From farm to farm, discover breathtaking vistas of fjords, ice caps, icebergs and vast wilderness. Discover local life and the Greenlandic people in the typical villages of Qassiarsuk and Igaliku.

Boat trip to discover the Sermilik fjord, hike on the Narsarsuaq glacier, overnight on a farm, climb Naajat mountain: many stages await trekkers during an exploration of southern Greenland.

13 Days in greenland: between hiking and sea kayaking

> Environment: mountain, fjord
> Difficulty: difficult
> Suggested season: June to August
> Average duration:13 days

A land of ice, rock and water, Greenland is not easily revealed to visitors. To experience the thrill up close, it is sometimes necessary to leave the land for the sea, for example on a kayaking expedition. The east coast of Greenland is inaccessible and inhospitable. Unless you are a seasoned and trained adventurer, only the sea allows you to get close to these wild and isolated landscapes.

A sea kayak trek in the east of the country gives you the chance to get up close to the icebergs and contemplate their beauty. It is also to measure the size of the glaciers but also to disembark at the foot of an isolated mountain or to stop over in a village at the end of the world. Experience the Arctic adventure at its best, while enjoying the midnight sun!

During your exploration, you can discover the impressive Angmassalik Fjord or Ikateq Fjord. You will set up a bivouac near the Kârale glacier. You will also discover small typical villages such as Kulusuk.

kayak trekking in Greeland

Adventure in the far north: prepare for your trip


For a trip to Greenland, EU nationals only need a valid national identity card or passport. Denmark is part of the Schengen area and the European Union.


Greenland has an arctic climate. The second largest island in the world after Australia, Greenland has a different climate depending on the region you visit.

If you want to travel to Greenland for a trek, the months of June, July and August are best. In summer, the temperatures are milder and you can enjoy the midnight sun.

For a ski trek, spring is the ideal season to enjoy beautiful powder snow and bearable temperatures.


From Iceland or Denmark there are several weekly flights to the international airports of Kangerlussuaq and Nuuk. There is no ferry connection to Greenland.


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