3 days of trekking in the Queyras

3 Days of trekking in the queyras nature reserve

Surrounded by the splendours of the Queyras Regional Natural Park, Olivier takes us on a simple and physically demanding itinerary!
The aim? The ascent of the Grand Glaiza and its magnificent views of the surrounding mountain ranges!

Departure from Aiguilles, a crazy bivouac at the Malrif lakes and the ascent of the Grand Glaiza.
All the grandeur of the Queyras in three days!

Some information about this trek in the queyras:

  • Duration of a trek


    3 days

  • Distance of a trek


    44 kilometres

  • Elevation of a trek

    Elevation gain

    3439 m D+
    High point: The Grand Glaiza (3293 m)

  • Difficulty intermediate level


    Intermediate level

  • Autonomy of a trek


    one night in a bivouac + one night in a mountain refuge

  • Best time to travel

    Best period for this trek

    From May to September

Olivier's route in the queyras

(Trek completed in september 2019)

1 - Aiguilles - Malrif lakes
2 - Malrif lakes - Le Roux hamlet via the Grand Glaiza
3 - Le Roux - Aiguilles

Start from the town of aiguilles

Day 1: 7.4 km - 1262 m D+

The start is from Aiguilles, a stunning little mountain village in the upper Guil valley, just before Abriès.
Although the stage is short, the elevation gain is a little over 1200 m to reach the Malrif lakes and the superb view of the Queyras mountain range!

The landscape is magnificent and the bivouac is insane!
I had the opportunity to take a dip in the Mézan lake where we pitched our tent for the night.
Cottongrass flowers give a downy appearance to the edges of the lakes. In short, a magnificent bivouac!

Queyras hike - Lac du Mezan

The ascent of the grand glaiza

Day 2, the biggest day: 19.6 km - 1177 m D+ and 1780 m D-

The Grand Glaiza rises to an altitude of 3293 m.
A 5:30 am start lit by head torches to get to the Crêtes aux Eaux Pendantes and have breakfast as the sun rises over the lakes. An explosion of colours, the conditions are ideal... a very special moment. The impression of the birth of a new world!

This is followed by the departure for the Grand Glaiza and its arid desolate trails.
By way of the Col de Rasis, we switch to the Italian part of the route for a few miles. We get to the hamlet of Le Roux(whose inhabitants are known as "Rossignols" (nightingales)!) after a descent of almost 1800 m where Dominique receives in us in his mountain lodge for a refreshing "night with a roof over our heads"...

The stage is a little challenging physically but so beautiful and varied.

Queyras hike - crêtes aux eaux pendantes

The return from le roux to aiguilles

Day 3: 17.6km - 1000m D+ and 1278 m D-

Third day and departure from Le Roux after a good night's sleep. We switch to the northern slope of the valley to reach the village of Aiguilles.
This very beautiful hike, which is largely in woodlands, is different again from the other two, thanks to the cool air provided by the shade of the trees and the more gentle landscapes.
The route drops down to the bottom of the valley and then rises up the north-facing slope and follows the contour lines to Abriès, then Aiguilles.

Looking towards the southern slope, we can see part of the journey we did the day before. The ridges stand out against the perfectly blue background of the sky.

queyras hike, le roux village

As a bonus...


Observed fauna

During the sunrise over the Crêtes aux Eaux Pendantes, we are incredibly lucky to see an unsuspecting griffon vulture at a distance of only 15 m from us! It was waiting for the thermals to take off!
So beautiful and awe-inspiring! 

My sustainable development tip

Bathing in the mountain lakes is so good for helping the muscles to recover!
However, do not use soap, whatever the type, to wash yourself, even if it is ecological or biodegradable!
The ecosystem of these bodies of water will be grateful for it!

It's also worth bearing in mind that most sunscreens worn during the day form a thin film that floats on the surface of the water and can affect their balance. So take care to avoid causing any pollution!

The good tips for this trek

The stopover at Le Cassu. The beer is excellent!*

*Note from the Forclaz team: Alcohol can damage your health, please drink responsibly, and, while doing so, choose a local brand to discover every facet of the local heritage ;)


Trek completed and described by oliv'

Mountain advisor at the decathlon store in montélimar

The Queyras is a magnificent nature reserve to be explored with its variety of different routes to choose from. It's up to you to find your own!

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