4 trekking routes in Austria for all levels

When we think of Austria, we think of Vienna, Sissi, and especially the Tyrol. Welcome to trekking paradise in Europe. Along the paths that lead to the Austrian peaks, you’ll discover beautiful rocky Alpine landscapes. If you suffer from vertigo, it’s best to look elsewhere. Otherwise, come and use your crampons on the Ötztal Trek or the Eagle's Way.

Forclaz offers several routes to discover Austria.

Trekking in Austria: 4 circuits for all levels

1. Ötztal Trek: 3 weeks in the mountains of Austria

> Environment: mountain
> Difficulty : difficult
> Suggested season: June to September
> Average duration: 3 weeks
> Total distance: 231 km
> Total elevation gain: 17 213 D+ and 17 759 D-

The Ötztal valley stretches for nearly 65 kilometres and is home to an absolutely breathtaking high-altitude trail that lets you discover the Alps during a roaming trek lasting 3 weeks. The starting point of this trail is directly connected to the Ötztal train station, which is great, especially if you’re travelling without a car.

The Ötztal trek is a long-distance hiking route that takes place over 23 stages and lets you immerse yourself in the heart of nature, sleeping in an inn or bivouac. Glaciers, snow-capped peaks, jagged ridges, all the ingredients for a mountain trek are there. So it’s best we let you know straight away: this trail, classified black over most of the route, is difficult and requires experience of mountaineering and long-distance trekking.

ÖTZTAL TREK: 3 weeks in the mountains of Austria

2. Innsbruck trek: 7 days in the Austrian Alps

> Environment: mountain
> Difficulty: medium to difficult
> Recommended time of year: June to September
> Average duration: 7 days
> Total distance:74 km
> Total elevation gain: 5217 D+ and 5934 D-

Around the Tyrolean capital, the Innsbruck Trek is a magnificent 6-stage route that lets you discover beautiful Alpine landscapes. This trail is managed by the Alpinschule d'Innsbruck, which can advise you on the route and take care of transporting your luggage from stage to stage. Handy, don't you think ?

Among the places and panoramas not to be missed on this path, we can mention the Mieming range, the Pirchkogel in the Stubai Alps or the Axamer Lizum. And let's not forget the famous Patscherkofel, Innsbruck’s iconic mountain.
Good news for amateur trekkers: each stage has an intermediate-level alternative. Ready to go?

innsbruck trek: 7 days in the Austrian Alps

3. The Eagle's Way in the Tyrol: 1 month of hiking in Austria

> Environment: mountain
> Difficulty: difficult
> Recommended period: June to September
> Average duration: 33 days
> Total distance:422 km
> Total elevation gain:  31 000 D+ and 26 970 D-

The Eagle's Way is the king of Tyrolean treks. Just imagine 420 kilometres of paths across the mountain for a magical month-long hike! On this route, you’ll experience the high mountains from Alberg to the Kitzbühel Alps, passing through Osttirol.
Along the way, don’t miss the stage that goes through the Goetheweg path in the Karwendel. The panorama is breathtaking, with the panorama of Innsbruck on one side and the rugged mountains on the other.

The 33 stages of this very difficult trek stretch over a positive elevation of 31 000 metres. You can cut this route into two main stages: one in North Tyrol and the other in East Tyrol. Of course, you can do just certain portions for a few days or a week, depending on the time available.

Trekking in Austria: the eagle's way

4. Via Augusta: a 9-day hike accessible through the Tyrol and Austria

> Environment: mountain
> Difficulty: easy
> Recommended season: May to October
> Average duration: 9 days
> Total distance: 150 km
> Total elevation gain:  2309 D+ and 2309 D-

The Via Augusta was once an important trade route that connected the Adriatic with the Danube. It was created by Emperor Augustus 2000 years ago.

Today, it’s a long-distance hiking trail that perfectly mixes immersion in nature, discovering architecture and a dive into local culture. It crosses the Tyrol for 150 kilometres, through the Alpine landscapes of Austria. You’ll have the opportunity to hike in the Lech Nature Park and explore the Heiterwanger See lake. You’ll continue through Fern Pass, before reaching Landbeck and the Inntal Valley. Then, once you arrive in the Tyrolean Oberland, you can take the Resia Pass to continue the adventure towards Italy!

The nine daily stages of this trek require good physical condition, but they present no major technical difficulties. You can also easily shorten the duration of the stretches and walk longer, at your own pace. If you want to travel the Via Augusta in its entirety, you should know that it stretches over 600 kilometres and crosses 3 countries, in around thirty stages.

Which trekking route in Austria has caught your attention?

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