5 trekking ideas to do during a trip to Argentina

5 Trekking ideas to do in argentina

As an excellent land of trekking, Argentina instantly evokes the wide open spaces, the pampas, the peaks of the Andes and the glaciers of Patagonia.

This paradise for hikers and mountaineers can be explored during a nomadic trip to Buenos Aires, the Andes Mountains or the legendary Tierra del Fuego.
Going on a trek in Argentina means you’re guaranteed to discover natural, raw wilderness and an unforgettable adventure. Come along with us

Lanín volcano: an accessible trek in patagonie

> Environment: mountain
> Difficulty: medium
> Recommended period: November-February
> Average duration: 3 days
> Average distance: 50 km
> Average elevation change: 2675 D+ and 2675 D-

Who has never dreamed of climbing the great Andean volcanoes? Emerging from the region of lakes in northern Patagonia, the Lanín volcano culminates at 3776 m of altitude, in the heart of a wild and well-preserved national park. At the border of Argentina and Chile, this impressive mountainous cone offers a huge playground for trekkers in search of adventure. Beyond the wild forests of Patagonia, you will discover incredible panoramas and the volcanic beauty of the Andean peaks.
The icing on the cake: the route remains quite accessible, even though a good dose of stamina is necessary to reach the end of this 3-day trek. Indeed, apart from an excellent physical condition, this trek in Argentina does not require great technical skills.

Travel to Argentina: Fitz Roy

A trek around fitz roy in argentine patagonia

> Environment: mountain
> Difficulty: moderate
> Recommended season: November-February
> Average duration: 2 to 3 days
> Total distance:35 km
> Total elevation gain: 1110 D+ et 1110 D-

Although the ascent of Fitz Roy is reserved for experienced mountaineers (it is one of the training routes for Everest), Los Glaciares National Park offers other circuits around this legendary South American peak.
Indeed, this trek in Argentina will take you to the Lago de Los Tres, a superb lake which, if the weather is good, reveals unforgettable images of the Fitz Roy reflected in the water. The starting point of this loop is in the village of El Chalten and does not require a very high technical level.

Travel to Argentina: Fitz Roy

Sierra valdivieso: a nomadic trek in southern argentina

> Environment: mountain
> Difficulty: difficult
> Recommended period: November-February
> Average duration: 3 days
> Total distance: 48 km
> Total elevation gain: 1530 D+ and 1530 D-

Do you want to trek in total autonomy around Ushuaia? The Sierra de Valdivieso offers experienced hikers a 4-day circuit for an epic adventure in Tierra del Fuego. Here, the wilderness of South America spreads out before you in its most beautiful version.

We do not recommend undertaking this long hike without an experienced guide. Indeed, the marking is not necessarily very clear on the entire course. You won't come across any huts on this trek to the end of the world, but there are plenty of bivouac areas where you can easily pitch your tent.

Aconcagua: a trek to the top of the argentinean andes

> Environment: mountain
> Difficulty: difficult
> Recommended period: November-February
> Average duration: 15 to 20 days
> Total elevation change: 6200 D+ and 6200 D-

Ready to climb the highest peak in South America? Beware, the ascent of Aconcagua is for trained trekkers who have mastered mountaineering techniques. In addition to the beauty of the landscapes, this very technical circuit will be an opportunity to observe endemic fauna. You may come across the Andean condor or the Guanaco.

This famous trek in Argentina requires having excellent physical condition, it is a real challenge! If you wish to venture on this trek, hire the services of a local guide to undertake the ascent of this 7000 metre high peak.

Travel to Argentina: Aconcagua trek

Iguaçu: the must-see stopover on your trek in argentina

> Environment: jungle
> Difficulty: easy
> Recommended period: November-February
> Average duration: 1 day
> Total distance totale: 8,5 km
> Total elevation gain: 211 D+ and 211 D-

It is impossible to come to Argentina without admiring the impressive Iguaçú Falls, located 1200 kilometres north of Buenos Aires, on the border with Brazil. Like the Andes Mountains, it is a must-see on a trip to Argentina.

Two half days of walking are enough to explore this UNESCO World Heritage Site. Most travellers include this stage in a tour that includes discovering Buenos Aires, exploring the Puna Argentina and trekking to Ushuaïa.

Travel to Argentina: iguaçu

Destination: argentina!
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