Trekking in Italy

Trekking in italy

Do you dream of touring Italy on foot? Check out our selection of the best hiking or trekking destinations in Italy!

The majestic dolomites, in northern italy

If you like hiking in the mountains, the Dolomites are the ideal destination for you!
This mountain range in the south-eastern Prealps has been classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2009. Its many lakes and peaks (up to 3000 metres above sea level) attract hikers of all nationalities for the breathtaking experience.

The Dolomites are so big that you can spend a whole week there and treat yourself to a great climb every day.

How to get to the dolomites

If you want to make your life easier, go by train! This will take you straight to Cortina D'ampazzo. And from there, take a bus to go to the different stages of the hike.
Many adventurers hire a van to get to places in the heart of the Dolomites, without the hassle of having to find accommodation for the evening! However, you should bear in mind that, inside the park, there is often a charge for parking and many of the car parks are mandatory.

trek dolomites italy

Cinque terre, the ideal place for some great hikes

This time, the Cinque Terre take you to the seaside. The 5 villages of this little heaven on earth are easily accessible by train. Then you can choose to follow the Sentiero Azzurro (blue trail) to get from one village to another and if you get tired there is always the option of taking the train to bring you back to your destination easily! You can also treat yourself to a dip in the water to recover from your long days of hiking.
Whether you choose to take a weekly rental to hike or stay in a different village each day, you will enjoy a dreamy sunset every evening.
The Cinque Terre are a nature reserve, and you cannot get to the villages by car.

Travelling to Italy, Cinque Terre

The great lakes, for those who like to contemplate nature

The Lake Como, Lake Maggiore, Lake Garda and Lake Iseo, which are located in Lombardy, form what is called the Great Lakes region of Italy.
An earthly paradise for lovers of the outdoors and trekking, they are also steeped in cultural sites and palaces that you can visit!
Perfect for treating yourself to a slice of La Dolce Vita, and soaking your feet in the water after a day of trekking.

travel to the great lakes of Italy, lake como

Enjoy long-distance trekking? the sentiero italia is made for you!

Want to discover Italy on foot, from north to south? Discover this 6880 kilometre-long Italian GR Trail. 20 regions, 368 stages, 350,000 metres of elevation gain, the programme is truly amazing if a little intense, naturally... From Trieste in the north-east of Italy to Sardinia, this long-distance hiking trail has everything.
It sometimes follows the route of the most famous Italian GR Trails such as the "Grande Traversée des Alpes" (GTA) and then continues on its way. It even passes through the islands of the Mediterranean: Sardinia and Sicily. A red-white-red sign and the abbreviation SI CAI indicates the path to follow!

Travelling in Italy, Sentiero Italia

An unmissable trek in southern italy

For those who love volcanoes Check out Etna national park. Peaking at 3350 metres, Etna is easily accessible by cable car but you will have to earn the summit by completing the climb on foot.
For your safety, we recommend that you go with a guide because the craters are hot and change according to the lava flows. It can still come to life sometimes, releasing lava and smoke, although, fortunately, it does not pose any danger for the surrounding towns. That said, of course, we would advise you not to get too close if this is the case!
In winter, you can even go skiing on the slopes of the small resort which is located on the sides of the volcano.

Travelling in Italy, Etna National Park

Can i go on a trek with my family in italy?

Of course!
The only difficulty may be when your children start to be too big to carry but are still too young to hike for long. If this is the case, you'll have to adapt your schedule to their little legs.
That said, Italians love children and that's a big plus when you're in tourist spots. Your children will always get a warm welcome.
The Great Lakes region, which provides opportunities for a variety of activities and doesn't have significant changes in elevation, can be a good destination to try out trekking with the family.

Feel drawn to the italian gr trails? don't hesitate! 

Have we convinced you to spend your next trekking holiday in the boot of Italy?
Whether you want to reach the high peaks of the Dolomites or enjoy the cultural heritage of the legendary cities of the Great Lakes, Italy is a real treat for trekkers along its entire length from north to south!

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