Going on a trek to Guatemala: which route should you take?

Our tour ideas for trekking in guatemala

Despite being relatively unknown and unassuming, Guatemala is nevertheless a fascinating country in many ways!
The land of the Maya, with its history going back 1000 years, has an absolutely unique historical, architectural and natural heritage. You'll love to get lost in the streets of its colonial cities. You will meet the locals in the country's huge markets. You will be fascinated by the ancient Mayan cities. Forclaz would like to suggest 5 treks worth exploring in order to enjoy a fantastic trip.

2-Day trek in guatemala: the acatenango volcano

> Environment: volcano, mountain, forest
> Difficulty: difficult
> Suggested season: November to March
> Average duration:2 days
> Total distance:15 km
> Total elevation gain: 1726 D+

Finishing up at an altitude of almost 3,970 metres, the ascent of the Acatenango volcano is an unmissable stop on a trekking trip to Guatemala. This high-altitude hike offers an incredible view of the Fuego volcano that you will discover at dawn, after a night in a bivouac.

Most hikers complete this tour with or without a guide over two days, departing from the city of Antigua. The steep and rapid elevation gain makes this ascent quite physically demanding. Before setting off, beware of the weather conditions at the top which can be very unpredictable.

Travel to Guatemala: trek on the acatenango volcano

Mayan trek in the jungle: el mirador

> Environment: jungle, mayan remains
> Difficulty: easy to moderate
> Suggested season: November to March
> Average duration: 4 to 5 days

Discover a wild and unspoiled region of northern Guatemala: the Mirador basin at Petén. Hidden in the middle of the jungle, the archaeological site of El Mirador is one of the largest pre-Columbian complexes bearing witness to the Mayan community that lived in the region. But this wonder of humanity is only accessible on foot, after a 5-day trek through the jungle.

This is where the famous Danta pyramid is located. Discovered in the 1930s, it is vast in size making it one of the tallest pyramids in the world. 314 metres wide, 600 metres deep and rising to a height of 72 metres, protruding above the canopy. An explorer's dream come true?

Travel to Guatemala: mayan trek in the jungle at el mirador

Trek to tikal: 3 days in the jungle from flores

> Environment: jungle, mayan remains
> Difficulty: moderate
> Suggested season: November to March
> Average duration: 3 days

From Flores, get to the village of Cruce Dos Aguadas to start this trek towards the El Zotz archaeological site, through an astonishing jungle where you can see kapok trees, mahogany trees and orchids. You need to walk for 6 hours to reach the first base camp.

After a night in a bivouac, you can watch the sunrise over the jungle, then go visit the famous El Diablo pyramid. The view from the top is simply unforgettable. Continue towards El Yesal camp, where you will stop for the night, before getting to Tikal the next day, at the end of a final hike of stunning beauty.

Please note that access to the Mayan site of Tikal is highly regulated. Check with local agencies and do not attempt this trek, that goes through the middle of the jungle, on your own.

Travel to Guatemala: visit mayan site tikal

One-day trek in antigua: the ascent of the agua volcano

> Environment: volcano, mountain, forest
> Difficulty: difficult
> Suggested season: November to March
> Average duration:1 day
> Total distance: 16 km
> Total elevation gain: 1700 D+

Reaching for the sky about 30 kilometres from Guatemala City, the Agua volcano is a bit like the country's postcard. This is what tourists come to photograph through the arch of Santa Catalina, in Antigua. From its summit, you overlook the Pacific coastal plain to the south and the highlands to the north. It belongs to the Central America Volcanic Arc that stretches from Mexico to Costa Rica.

Easily accessible, this imposing volcanic cone provides a great excuse for a day hike from Antigua, through a thick tropical forest. We strongly recommend that you hire a guide for this climb.

Travel to Guatemala: hike in antigua

Altitude trek: atitlàn between lake and volcano

> Environment: volcano, lake, forest
> Difficulty: difficult
> Suggested season: November to March
> Average duration:2 days
> Total distance: 17 km
> Total elevation gain: 1,979 D+

From Panajachel, take a boat to the sides of Lake Atitlan, near the village of San Lucas Tolimán. After a short approach walk, set up the bivouac for the night at an altitude of 2,500 metres. The ascent begins in the middle of the night, so that you can see the sunrise from the top of the volcano.

The climb is quite physically challenging and requires the services of a guide if it is done at night. By day, you can climb to the top of the volcano without a guide. At the top you will discover a large crater and a breathtaking 360° view, with the Acatenango and Fuego to the east and Quetzaltenango and San Marcos to the west. Below your feet, you can see the majestic and unique Lake Atitlan, bathed in the morning light. It's unforgettable!

Travel to Guatemala: hike around lake atitlan

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