Our trekking experiences
Our trekking experiences

Our trekking experiences


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What is backpacking ?

Another way of exploring the world<

To be a backpacker, you need to enjoy exploring the world and its diversity.
For us, walking with your ""home on your back"" is a promise of freedom and an opportunity to meet others. We are the adventurers of tomorrow, seeking to the preserve the landscapes and respect the cultures that we encounter along the way.
For us, backpacking is more than just a way of travelling. It's a state of mind.

The backpacking experience

L'équipement Forclaz pour les voyages en itinérance

Forclaz equipment for itinerant treks

Safety - Versatility - Easy care

To help you explore the world with the minimum of hassle, we provide smart, adaptable equipment, designed for each stage of your journey. transport, rest time, visits and hikes.

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