travel itinerary greece in the cyclades

Exploring the south-west of the cyclades: sweet nectar from the pearls of the aegean

As well as boasting heavenly beaches, the Cyclades Islands are also a great place for hiking with wonderful landscapes.
Here Kimberlay shares details of her itinerary including exploring cultural sites, hiking and relaxing on the beach etc.

Do you fancy sailing away and visiting some islands still untouched by mass tourism? The Cyclades are the place for you!

These unique Greek islands each have their own personality, distinct lifestyle and beautiful hiking paths.

Some information about this backpacking trip:

  • Exploring the south-west of the Cyclades


    10 days

  • Exploring the south-west of the Cyclades


    500 kilometres

  • transport greece plane and boat

    Method of transport

    Boat and hiking with a backpack

  • Exploring the south-west of the Cyclades

    Medium-sized budget

    €60 per day

  • when to travel to greece

    Best time to travel

    From April to June

  • what to see in greece

    Themes of the route

    Off-beat and the great outdoors

itinerary map of trip to the cyclades

Kimberlay's route

(trip made in April 2017)
1. Sifnos

2. Serifos

3. Aegina

4. Athens

backpacking hiking trip on island of serifos


It's a pretty, little island, 3 hours from Athens, easily accessible by boat and, above all, unspoilt by mass tourism.

I had the chance to visit the village of Chora, one of oldest villages in Greece. If you go hiking, remember to wear high-cut walking boots as it's quite steep in parts.

backpacking trip visit to sifnos


An island which is already quite popular and where I had the chance to photograph its famous white monasteries with their blue roofs. It's an island of marked contrasts with lush, green mountains and arid plains so I was able to take some great photos.

backpacking trip visit to aegina


It's an islandrenowned for its pistachios, which are delicious!It's  1 hour from Athens by boat so you can gently acclimatize before tackling the Greek capital.

trip athens and visit to acropolis


A wonderful last stop with a visit to the Acropolis. I'm pleased that I took the time to visit this city of two faces. As I didn't have much time, I stayed around the Acropolis district which was very lively, particularly in the evening.

As a bonus...

Exploring the south-west of the Cyclades

Cyclades highlights

- The Kamarès - Faros hike, across the entire island of Sifnos

- The Livadi - Chora hike, across the island of Serifos

- Passing through Athens to visit the Acropolis district

My trip essential

Trek 100 boots: comfortable with good ankle support for hikes.

The culinary stop

Greek cuisine is a culinary delight. I strongly recommend that you try a Gyro: a typical breakfast dish!

Exploring the south-west of the Cyclades

By kimberlay, head of decathlon gennevilliers and explorer of the great outdoors

Her favourite quotation:

"Great journeys are so wonderful that the magic begins even before departure. We open the atlas and dream over the maps."

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