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Do you love setting off on an adventure for several days or weeks with nothing but your backpack? Do you like the freedom of being completely self-sufficient out in nature, whether day or night? You're already TREKKING!

Trekking is much more than hiking. Pitching your tent as dusk falls, taking the time to gaze at the stars, discovering new vistas with each passing day—that's the spirit of trekking. The landscape you choose is up to you: the vastness of the desert, the beauty of the mountains, the diversity of towns, the serenity of the countryside, etc.

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Mountain Trek

Mountain Trek

Ever dream of setting off to the mountains for several days of complete self-sufficiency? Come and discover mountain trekking

Trekking for several days in the mountains—sound tempting? Join us in discovering the joys of mountain trekking. Take a deep dive into nature and take the time to rediscover your natural environment.

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Getting away from it all to discover the world with a pack on your back—sounds tempting? Come discover the thrills of backpacking!

From the rice paddies of Bali to the volcanic craters of Island, backpacking can take you anywhere! Whether you trek through towns or countryside, you'll discover new cultures and experience outstanding encounters.

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Looking to detach from your surroundings? Want to lose yourself in a vast expanse? Come discover the desert!

Desert trekking is walking through lands that are nearly devoid of human presence. From dunes to sandy or rocky formations—the terrain is diverse but the experience is always deeply personal.