Repairing rather than discarding

Repairing rather than discarding

Our ambition is to move towards a circular economy model by developing initiatives around repairing products.
Rethinking our way of designing, making our knowledge accessible and facilitating the purchase of second-hand products are all ways of approaching it.

Reparable design

We do our best to optimize the resistance of Forclaz products. But, paradoxically, we must also admit that any product can have a weakness that can accelerate the end of its life cycle.
This is why, on the strength of past experiences, our designers integrate the repairing aspect into the first sketches of future Forclaz products.

Some examples of procedures to facilitate the repairing aspect of our products:

Standardized poles

Standardized poles

We have reworked all our tents so that they have the same type of poles. These standardized poles are available for sale as spare parts.

Fermeture éclair réparable

Fermeture éclair réparable

By changing the construction of our travel and arctic jackets, it is now possible to replace the zip rather than having to throw away an entire jacket.

Watch the tutorial
Replaceable backpack buckles

Replaceable backpack buckles

By modifying the stitching of our straps and developing an offer of spare parts, changing the buckles on your backpack is now possible for everyone!

Repair patches

Repair patches

For a quick and long-lasting repair of a snag, whether outdoors or at home, we offer a multi-use patch for your down jackets, tents, backpacks, etc.


Make reparability accessible to all

What is the point of creating products that can be easily repaired if you don't provide the keys to learning how to do it yourself ?
We have made various tutorials available to assist you in your repair process:

Des vidéos pour apprendre les basiques de la réparation

Videos to learn the basics on how to repair

How to sew a button on, change a zip, re-sew a seam that has come apart, etc.

Repairing for beginners

The After-Sales service site

With repair tutorials, videos and the possibility of buying spare parts.

I repair my Forclaz product !

Advice on how to maintain trekking equipment

Wash well, store well, repair: maintaining correctly your equipment guarantees its longevity!

Maintenance of trekking equipment

Provide a second life to repaired products

How could we be persuaded to prefer repaired products to brand new products if we weren't involved in reconditioning ourselves ?

That is why Decathlon has created the “Second life” project: when possible, returned products are refurbished and sold at a reduced price with a 2-year warranty.

You can find these reconditioned products in some Decathlon stores during special operations: follow your Decathlon store's Facebook account!

Example of an operation in Sheffield store
Nicolas, chef de produit bivouac

Nicolas, bivouac product manager

As a citizen, trekker and designer, repair strikes me as one of the major challenges for the business of tomorrow, the antipodes of planned obsolescence.
This is an extremely simple way to limit your environmental impact. By extending their lifespan, less products and raw materials are consumed, and waste is reduced.
And what pride to give new life to products that have been the loyal companions of adventures ... so that they can experience new ones!
That’s why we work every day to develop new, inexpensive and easy to use repair solutions.
So, how do you feel about repairing on your own ?