How to repair your waterprooof and water-repellent clothing

How to repair your waterproof and water-repellent clothing

Do you need to repair a hole in your rainwear? But you don't know how to go about it? Please find our answers to your questions in this advice post.

Your waterproof or water-repellent clothing gets snagged in the brambles or on a rock. It is now damaged. 
These things happen when we are out leading active lives. But no need to panic! 
Instead, get our tips on how to repair small tears on these types of clothing. 

Should you machine wash your clothing and restore waterproof properties before repairing?

For best results, your waterproof or water-repellent clothing must indeed be clean.Washing is, therefore, a good idea. 😉 Putting it in the washing machine can be option, but it all depends on the tear to your clothing. Do not take the risk of widening it when in the washing machine. It all depends on how dirty the item of clothing is. The fabric might only need a quick wipe with a sponge to clean it. 🧽

When it comes to restoring waterproof properties, we recommend doing it once your repair is complete. This is when you can then consider machine washing it, which depending on the wash cycle, will restore your product's water-repellent properties.

You can also apply a re-waterproofing liquid. 💦

How to repair your waterprooof and water-repellent clothing

What solutions are there to repair waterproof clothing?

Did your clothing get torn during an active outdoor activity or event? Do not consider resewing, with new seams making new holes, creating water entry and decreasing the piece of clothing's waterproofing. ❌

Even if it sounds like a good idea, don't try to repair it with just any type of adhesive tape. It has to be suitable. Otherwise, it risks making things worse by damaging the fabric's components of your piece of clothing. 😬

The best accessory is , therefore,  a multi-purpose self-adhesive repair patch.

Very easy to use (I will explain just after what to do), it allows you to repair your garment without losing its water-repellant or waterproof properties.

How to use a self-adhesive repair patch for waterproof clothing

Step 1: Place your clothing on a flat surface and clean the area to be repaired.
Do not forget to remove the potential bits of thread from the fabric due to the tear.

Step 2: Choose a repair patch that is approximately two centimetres bigger than the size of the hole to repair.
If it is not already the case, try to even out the corners to prevent them from peeling off in the future.

Step 3: Remove the protective flim and place your adhesive patch over the tear.
Press down on the patch from the middle outwards to remove any potential air bubbles.

How to repair your waterprooof and water-repellent clothing

Does it work for all types of clothing?(jacket, ski pants, coats)

This method of repairing with a self-adhesive patch works with lots of waterproof and water-repellent fabrics, whether it be your clothes but also your tent, a sleeping bag or even your backpack.

So do not hesitate to attempt going down the route of repairing by asking our specialists in-store for advice.

So you now have an item of clothing that is almost like new and crucially hasn't lost its water-repellent or waterproof properties: a good tip for extending your sports clothes' life expectancy! 

How to repair your waterprooof and water-repellent clothing


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