clean an inflatable or self-inflating mattress?

How to care for and repair an inflatable or self-inflating mattress?

It’s essential to sleep well in camp so you have a fresh start every morning.Treat yourself to a compact and comfortable mattress to enjoy your nights in the great outdoors.You will end up attached to it because a companion that looks out for you is important.
Here we give you everything you need to enjoy your mattress for as long as possible!

4 Steps to looking after an inflatable mattress

  1. 1 Wash and dry
  2. 2 Fold up
  3. 3 Storage
  4. 4 Repair a hole

How to properly clean an inflatable or self-inflating mattress?

Take a sponge or a damp cloth soaked with soap or washing-up liquid and rub delicately to remove any possible dust or soil left on your mattress.
Leave it to dry in the open air away from sunlight.

How to fold up an ultralight mattress

How to properly fold up an inflatable or self-inflating mattress?

To fold up your mattress properly after cleaning, you need to remove as much air as possible:
- Remove the mattress stopper.
- Place yourself at the other end then press on it to push the majority of the air to the outlet
Fold the mattress over like a wallet.
- Start the process again by rolling the mattress, pressing and tightening as much as possible to remove any remaining air pockets.
- Replace the stopper and store in its cover.

How to store an inflatable or self-inflating mattress?

Inflatable or self-inflating mattresses are sensitive to damp and heat due to their heat-sealed seams.Take care to store them in a dry place at a steady temperature.For example, a damp cellar or an attic without insulation is not suitable.

When you get your mattress out again to go camping, unfold it and inflate it before you leave to be sure that it’s still in perfect condition!It would be a shame to discover a leak during a night in the great outdoors...

How to repair a hole in an inflatable mattress?

Has a sharp rock or a branch slid under your mattress and caused a hole? Fortunately, you remembered to bring a repair patch with you!
Take care to move any branches and stones when you pitch your tent to avoid future damage to your mattress!

How do I repair the hole in my mattress?
The most effective way is still to cover the 100% inflated mattress surface with soapy water: if bubbles appear then it's highly likely there is a hole in that area, put your ear to it to be sure!
Another method is to immerse the inflated mattress in a bath full of water and look for any small bubbles forming on the surface.

If the air leak is from the inflation/deflation valve then it's best to return your mattress to the store.
If the leak is from a seam, you can apply a suitable glue by following the instructions and precautions carefully.
For any other leak, see below for how to fix a repair patch!

How to fix a repair patch on an inflatable or self-inflating mattress?

Firstly, check that the surface to be repaired is clean, dry and free of grease.

How to fix a repair patch on a camping mattress
How to apply a repair patch on a camping mattress

Your mattress has a velour finish

Using the scraper provided in the kit, rub the surface delicately to remove any small “bobbles” so the patch will bond better.Apply the patch on the tear and hold it for 1 minute to bond the two parts together properly.

How to apply a repair patch on an inflatable or self-inflating mattress?

Your mattress has a smooth or fabric finish

Go straight to the patch application step by pressing down for 1 minute to make sure it bonds well.

You are now ready to enjoy beautiful nights under your tent or the stars! Do you have any tips or ideas for looking after your inflatable mattress?Don't hesitate to share them in the comments!

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