Bivouacking in autumn

Bivouacking in autumn

With an Indian summer, you will feel the urge to make the most of the final days of good weather. So, follow us to discover all of our autumn bivouacking secrets. Indeed, the weather can be changeable and you can't be sure you won't get caught in a downpour. Find out what gear you need to be properly equipped for every eventuality in the mountains and pitch camp, whatever the conditions!

An overview of the must-haves for hiking in autumn

Winter is certainly approaching ... but don't put your hiking boots away! Nature still promises you many unforgettable autumn outings, provided you follow certain recommendations.Have a read...

1/ Make waterproofness your best friend

After the summer crowds on the paths and before the first snowfall, autumn is sure to appeal to nature lovers, but be careful, as Indian summer may have some changes in store for you.

If a waterproof jacket with taped seams is THE must-have, don't forget to arm your backpack with a waterproof poncho to resist against the raindrops!
Also, wear high-upper waterproof hiking boots, or even hiking gaiters, which can help prevent water from running into the boots in case of a heavy downpour.

2/ Become a professional tent pitcher... in all circumstances

Pitching the bivouac correctly guarantees a successful hike!

Remember that in a forest or in a clearing, air masses are warmer, so they are pleasant places to spend the night.
If you enjoy a sunny climate, set up your bivouac facing east. In the morning, you will be awakened by the sun and be able to enjoy its natural warmth.

Are the weather conditions uncertain?Dig a ditch a few centimeters around your tent to resist against any rain running off the flysheet.
Wind can be quite strong during this season.For more protection, opt for pitching your tent in areas located below a ridge or pass.

3/ Sleep warmly despite cool seasonal temperatures

If the climate in the middle of the day seems as pleasant to you as in summer, in the evening the cold arrives quickly and you need to equip yourself more efficiently than in summer.

Opt for a sleeping bag with a minimum comfort temperature of 0°C.

While the duvet is very important for a warm sleep, the mattress is just as important;don't neglect it!You could choose an insulating self-inflating mattress.

Are you equipped? Great! Go...

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