Best places to visit for a jungle trek

Best places to visit for a jungle trek

Do you dream of a jungle trek? We recommend the best countries for a tropical trip.

Do you want spend part of your trek in the jungles on one of your trips? We recommend the perfect countries for a short trip! Think about travelling with a local certified guide for a trek that runs smoothly.

Trekking in the sapa region of vietnam

Vietnam is the dream country for discovering local cultures, visiting temples, taking time to stroll on the beaches or go trekking! The town of Sapa in northern Vietnam is the departure point for many trips. At 1,200 metres high, it offers breathtaking views of the rice fields. Mountains, rice fields, valleys, its landscape is rich and varied and offers treks that suit both beginners and experts depending on your objectives. The only drawback: it's an extremely touristic region, make sure you choose your guide well if you want to go off the beaten track.
Our favourite tropical trek in Vietnam: Sapa

> Level: It depends on the route!
> Average duration: Usually 2-3 days however completely personalised tours are also available where you decide on the journey length.
> Trek essentials: Trekking in Sapa immerses you completely in the ethnic mountain cultures of Vietnam, particularly the Hmong people. You can also hike along the rice fields and understand more about how rice is grown. Evenings with a host provide the opportunity to taste local dishes in a pleasant atmosphere.

Tropical trek in Sapa in Vietnam

Go on a jungle trail in thailand

Thailand is famous worldwide for its beautiful beaches and impressive temples with golden Buddha statues, however the north of the country often attracts trekkers. Travel to the heart of the jungle to discover Thai trails.
Our favourite tropical trek in Thailand: trek from Chiang Mai

> Level: Easy, there are hikers who do it in flip-flops however we do recommend closed shoes suitable for trekking.
> Average duration: 2 days
> Trek essentials: The trekking options from Chiang Mai all offer a similar experience showing the more fun side of what the jungle has to offer. You can hike for a few hours, spend time with elephants, bathe in the waterfalls and go bamboo rafting! Do whatever you enjoy and make lasting memories.

Tropical trek in Thailand

To see the real indonesia, go trekking in the jungle in bali

Indonesia is an essential destination for travellers who want a change of scenery and to have a good time at the beach. Komodo dragons, tigers and elephants live in the jungle on this group of small volcanic islands. To be really amazed and avoid the hordes of tourists that arrive regularly, go trekking!
Our favourite tropical trek in Indonesia: the Bali passage

> Level: Intermediate, ideally a regular hiker however the routes aren't generally too difficult
> Medium duration: 15 days all inclusive
> Trek essentials: Rice fields, traditional villages and temples nestled in the heart of the forest are a must on this fabulous passage. You can also stay with the host and climb the island’s volcanoes. Why not add a day snorkelling to your itinerary and discover the island's underwater beauties.

Tropical trek in Bali in Indonesia

Around authentic and wild cambodia

Want to get away from the crowds of visitors after your trip to the Angkor Vat temples? Go trekking in the Ratanakiri or Mondulkiri mountain regions and find some calm among the jungles and waterfalls. Be warned that these regions are more and more popular with tourists from everywhere.
Our favourite tropical trek in Cambodia: Mondulkiri

> Level: Intermediate, Cambodia remains a country of lowlands and medium altitude with mountain regions 800 metres high. The trek is not particularly difficult assuming you are in good shape and walk regularly.
> Average duration: between a few hours and a few days depending on what you want
> Trek essentials: Unbelievable waterfalls that punctuate the landscape and sometimes it's possible to bathe in them. The mountain people that welcome and guide trekkers.

Tropical trek in Cambodia

Immerse yourself into the heart of a biodiversity showpiece in malaysia

Did you know that Malaysia is considered to be an area of "mega biodiversity"? The island of Borneo is covered with primary forest and its fauna and flora are exceptional. Far from the skyscrapers of Kuala Lumpur, go back to the start!
Our favourite tropical trek in Malaysia: Borneo

> Level: Intermediate to difficult, best suited to those in good physical shape (well you are going to the heart of the jungle) and able to hike for several days in a row.
> Average duration: 10 days
> Trek essentials: Great apes live in the forests of Borneo and you can go and meet them on many treks. Meet Borneo’s Müller’s gibbon, white bearded gibbon and orangutan and create unique memories! You can also discover the lakes at the heart of the forest and stop off at the dreamy beaches.

Tropical trek in Malaysia

Asian elephants, a complicated issue

You will see that trekking agencies in Asian countries often offer activities involving elephants, and in particular the chance to ride on the back of an elephant as you do with a horse. However, for many years animal protection associations have warned about the bad treatment to which they are subjected. It’s a matter you can take up with the agency leading your trek, either to reassure you that the elephants are well treated (in agreement with local NGOs), or to refuse a trip including this type of activity.

Meeting gorillas in uganda

Uganda has 10 national parks including the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and the Rwenzori Mountains national park, both classified as UNESCO world heritage sites. The beauty of its wild areas makes Uganda an exception country perfect for nature-loving trekkers.
Our favourite tropical trek in Uganda: The Bwindi Impenetrable Forest

> Level: Intermediate to difficult. You move forward through primeval forest to reach the gorillas so the duration of the hike depends more on them than you.
> Average duration: 1 day
> Trek essentials: Go and see the gorillas!!! Park rangers supervise the group and look for the gorillas with you, playing an essential role in protecting the animals. To be able to approach them is a luxury that can be expensive so plan for the permit price to see the gorillas in your travel budget.

Tropical trek to meet the gorillas in Uganda

At the heart of the corcovado national park in costa rica

With its volcanoes, beaches, biodiversity and remains of pre-Colombian empires, Costa Rica isn't lacking in items of interest. But if you want to dive into the heart of the wild countryside then head to the Corcovado national park. It’s one of the biggest primary forests on the Pacific coast of the American continent.
Our favourite tropical trek in Costa Rica: Corcovado

> Level: Intermediate: be capable of hiking several days in a row
> Average duration: 2- 3 days
> Trek essentials: Corcovado’s exceptional wildlife and its numerous species of animals and insects. Tapirs, ocelots, jaguars, macaws, small monkeys... you should come back with your eyes full of stars after coming across them. If you dream of seeing lots of animals then reserve a night trip as 80% of the Corcovado wildlife comes out after sunset.

Tropical trek in Costa Rica

On the inca trail in peru

Already discovered Lima and now the Andes are luring you? Why not go mountain trekking and discover the famous Machu Picchu, go on the Inca Jungle trek. Inexpensive and rich in varied landscapes, it's perfect for well-trained globetrotters.
Our favourite tropical trek in Peru: The Inca Jungle trek

> Level: Intermediate, be careful to take time to acclimatise yourself to the altitude depending on your route.
> Average duration: 3- 4 days
> Trek essentials: Machu Picchu of course, as well as the llamas or alpacas in the mountains and also the armadillos, jaguars or cabiais in the forest!

Tropical trek in Peru

Discover the "lost city" in colombia

Colombia is brimming with unbelievable places to visit at the heart of the mountains or on the coast. Colonial towns or sanctuaries, there are many tourist destinations and backpackers don't know where to start first! If there is one trip to do to enjoy the country's abundant nature then it's the trek to the "Lost City".
Our favourite tropical trek in Colombia: Lost City

> Level: Difficult, the slopes are steep!
> Average duration: 4- 5 days
> Trek essentials: Since 1986, the Lost City has been a UNESCO biosphere reserve and world heritage site, enough to day that you will be amazed! Along your route you will find natural pools and waterfalls where you can take a break if your feet have had enough. Etched rocks and archaeological remains await you at the summit!

Tropical trek in Colombia, Lost City

At the heart of the primary forest in australia

The dream country of all backpackers with its unbelievable landscape, its kilometres of coastline and its desert expanses, Australia also has a tropical forest! While you're making the trip, make the most of it and visit.
Our favourite tropical trek in Australia: The Daintree forest

> Level: Intermediate, however hiking in a hot and humid atmosphere requires a little training
> Average duration: 1 day or a few hours if you choose a night trip
> Trek essentials: Giant ferns, huge trees, fluorescent frogs, crocodiles and rare butterflies, you will discover another side to Australia. The Daintree primary forest is would be older than Amazonia!

Tropical trek in Australia, Daintree forest

Amazonia, accessible from 9 countries

The mythical forest, essential for the trekker who likes treks in tropical conditions. It is accessible from 9 countries (or territories if we’re talking about Guyana) who share it: Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela, Guyana, Surinam, French Guyana. We suggest you approach it through Brazil.
Our favourite tropical trek in Amazonia: Journey departing from Manaus (Brazil)

> Level: intermediate (varies depending on the trek duration)
> Average duration: 1 to 5 days
> Trek essentials: Depending on the option you choose will depend on how far you get into the forest. Sloths, caimans, piranhas, all types and size of insect... You will discover the magic of Amazonia, on the ground and on water.
There you have an overview of the best countries for beginning a jungle trek. Nevertheless, don't forget that the jungle is a hostile environment and it’s not recommended you travel alone. Always plan on the necessary budget to pay a guide. If you choose well, they will take you away from the beaten track and other tourists while guaranteeing an amazing trek in complete safety.

Tropical trek in Brazil
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