There are many applications to help you manage your money, simplify your route and share your memories! We have grouped them into 3 main themes to help you find the right one.

top 10 travel mobile applications
travel budget


Exchange rates, unplanned expenses, etc. need to be taken into account when travelling.

But you don't need to get your calculator out!

XE Currency

Because 3000 Baht are not the same as 3000€! Just to make life more complicated, foreign exchange rates change constantly...

This application is really useful for budget planning, doing your accounts and avoiding getting ripped off. The only way to know if you are paying too much for the renowned local guide that you have found in Thailand is to get out your XE Currency application and compare! Of course, you can find the formula and do the maths in your head, but it is much faster with XE!


Born out of an idea of two globe-trotting French influencers, Budgi manages your budget from A to Z and offers several useful everyday options for a backpacking trip.

You no longer need to jot down every expense in a little notebook and you can say goodbye to endless calculations to find out if you have enough money left to finish the trip or not.

You only have one more thing to do: jump on the first plane and test Budgi in the four corners of the world.

visit temple backpacking


Choose the good spots, find your way around town and the countryside, avoid tourist traps, a complete itinerary!

Here are the applications that will make your life easier.


The application is almost indispensable for backpackers.

We tell ourselves "we'll be OK, we’ll easily find our way through the Bali rice paddies, we can ask our way. “When there isn't a local on the horizon, there is no transport to get back to your hostel and a pack of stray dogs have started barking in the distance? Then you will be pleased to have some battery and find your location thanks to Maps.me.

The application lets you download maps in advance and find your way without internet access.


The CityMapper application makes public transport travel easier in around thirty cities worldwide!

It lets its users enjoy freedom of movement by walking, using the bus, underground, train, tram, bicycle, taxi and even Autolib electric car sharing, to plan your itinerary.

CityMapper also works in partnership with Uber, so you have all details of nearby available vehicles, the waiting time and estimated price for your trip.


Who says backpacker means adventurer! Leaving the beaten track and not knowing much in advance is a luxury that backpackers have; freedom to choose depending on how you feel. In this sense, the application is very useful for reducing the risk of bad surprises!

The Tripadvisor application can be used to confirm your spontaneous choice of restaurant, hotel or activities. The advantage is that you can use it offline without worrying and downloading data that is not included in your contract.

Hidden Place

When you're backpacking, do you prefer tourist areas or adventures in places more steeped in local culture?

For backpackers who prefer more down to earth experiences far from busloads of tourists, the Hidden application lets you explore the world like the locals by recommending places to see far from the beaten track. Get exploring!

application to stay in touch when travelling


Getting away is great but being able to share it with your loved ones is even better!

Being able to speak with the locals can help.


This application lets you send texts, photos and call your loved ones free of charge using a simple wifi connection as long as they are also using the application.

It is really practical to stay in touch with people that you meet on your travels, no matter what their mobile number is, international or not.


This application transforms memories from your trip into works of art and shares them with the whole world.

If you so wish, you can select from several filters or a blurred tilt-shift to give a different sort of effect to photos/videos taken with your mobile.

With Instagram, you will be at the cutting edge of the nomadic traveller trend.

Google translate

You aren't completely bilingual? No problem! Google translate is here.

Practical for translating text in over 70 languages. By downloading the dictionary of your chosen language in advance, you won’t need an internet connection to use the translator.

The world is yours! El mundo es tuyo ! Dunia adalah milikmu ! 世界是你的 ! thế giới là của bạn !


The perfect tool for keeping track of your trip without being glued to a smartphone!
Polarsteps automatically follows your movements and the places you visit during your travels. The application even offers to compile your photos in a complete trip album!
A practical time-saver and perfect for loved ones who want to follow your adventure.


There is a miracle solution so you don't forget anything in your backpack depending on your chosen destination: the Packing Pro application!

Do you want to avoid forgetting something on your next trip? Then download this application that lets you list your items depending on the duration of your trip and your destination.

Don't wait any longer, go! If you find any other essential applications share them in the comments!