top 15 travel mobile applications

15 helpful applications for organising your travels

From managing your cash to optimising your route or sharing your experiences, there are countless travel apps! We have grouped them into 3 main themes to help you find the right one. The good news? Most of them are designed to work without an internet connection, and you can also use WiFi access when you have it to download maps before setting off.

Travel Budget

How to organise your travels without signing up for organised trips

Okay, so you like to improvise when you're travelling, but you also like to be on time and know that you've at least got your journeys and accommodation booked. We've found a few apps that are perfect for organising all that!

TripIt, the travel planner for idiots

The brilliant TripIt promise means that you just need to enter the various reservations that you've made before setting off (hotels, Airnbnb, plane, train, etc.). Everything is grouped together in one application, which lets you know when it's time to set off so that you're on time for the next step of your adventure. The application even suggests routes to the airport or train station, and tells you how to find your terminal or platform.
If there are any delays with your journey or a cancelled train, the app keeps you posted.
You can try TripIt on the website and download the app to receive notifications or even share your itineraries with friends and family.
There's also a pro version of the app, which is ideal if you're planning professional trips.

Which website is best for organising a trip? Trello! 

Are you a project manager in day-to-day life? You've probably used Trello before. You can also use this tool for getting ready for you trips with friends. Create a table, pin your destination inspo, places to visit, good Airbnb options or dates to get the best prices for your train or bus bookings.
So, what if your office talents could also help with organising incredible holidays? You simply need to create a free account to get the best of the tool.

travel budget application

Apps for managing your budget while travelling

Exchange rates, unexpected costs, etc.… When you're travelling, you need to account for everything. If you're on the road with friends, you'll love being able to split expenses and see who's paid for what.
But you don't need to get your calculator out!

Xe Currency, for keeping an eye on exchange rates

Because 3000 bahts isn't equivalent to €3,000! Sometimes it seems like they're just there to cause hassle, as currency exchange rates are constantly fluctuating…
This app is super practical for planning your budget, monitoring your accounts and avoiding scams. The only way to know whether you're paying too much for the infamous local guide that you've just come across in Turkey is to get out your XE Currency app and compare the numbers! Of course, you can find the formula and do the maths in your head, but it is much faster with XE!

Splitwise: The app for managing a budget when travelling as a group

Exploring the world with your mates is an incredible experience… Until you have to settle up the spending.
With Splitwise, each time you pay for the group, you simply enter the total into the app. Every member of the group needs to have downloaded it, and then you need to create a shared group. at any time during your trip, you can see who has paid for what, and how much everyone owes each other. Say goodbye to nightmare number-crunching, you can enjoy the trip and know that the spending is transparent for everyone.

Travel itinerary application

The applications for planning your itinerary and marking out places to visit

Choosing the best spots, finding your bearings around a new city or in the countryside, and avoiding tourist traps… There's a lot to think about !
Here are the applications that will make your life easier.

TripAdvisor: The must-have for finding a great place to eat

Who says traveller says adventurer! Leaving the beaten track and not knowing much in advance is a luxury that backpackers have; freedom to choose depending on how you feel. So, the app is super useful for reducing the risk of nasty surprises!

The TripAdvisor app helps you make sure that the restaurants, hotels or activities that you've chosen on the fly are actually good choices. You can use it offline, so not need to worry about downloads pushing you over your data usage limit. The map that tracks your route, even off the beaten path

The app is pretty much an essential for backpackers.
We've all been there and said the famous words, "It'll be fine, we'll find our way on these Spanish hiking routes and, worst-case scenario, we'll ask someone for directions." “When there isn't a local on the horizon, there is no transport to get back to your hostel and a pack of stray dogs have started barking in the distance? That's when you're happy to have a charged phone, so you can find your bearings with
The app lets you download maps in advance and find your bearings, even when you don't have an internet connection.

Hidden Place: The app that makes you an honorary local

So, when you're out backpacking, do you prefer the tourist hotspots or the adventures to more authentic places that are steeped in local culture?

Designed for backpackers who like a more total-immersion experience, far from the coachloads of tourists, the Hidden Place app lets you explore the world like a local by recommending places off the beaten tourist track. Let the discoveries begin!

Citymapper: The app for creating transport itineraries

The CityMapper app makes your public transport journeys easier in over cities around the globe!
It offers users great freedom of travel by using walking, buses, metros, trains, trams, cycling, taxis and even car pooling to plan your route to your target destination.
CityMapper has partnered up with Uber, so you'll have all of the information on the vehicles available nearby, wait times and a price estimate for your journey.

App for communicating while travelling

Apps for staying in touch, even when you're on the go

Jetting off is great, but it's even better when you can share your experiences with loved ones!
Plus, being able to chat with locals can be helpful, too. In total honesty, we're not showing you anything new here, as you probably already use these on a daily basis, but a quick review can't hurt…


This free app lets you send texts and photos, and make voice and video calls to your loved ones, as long as they use the app, and all you need is a simple internet connection.
It is really practical to stay in touch with people that you meet on your travels, no matter what their mobile number is, from overseas or not.


This app lets you turn your travel snapshots into works of art that you can share with the entire world.

If you want, you can choose from several filters or a fancy tilt-shift effect to give your photos/videos, taken on your smartphone, a different style.

With instagram, you will be at the cutting edge of the nomadic traveller trend.

Polarsteps: the travel journal you can update in real time

The perfect tool for keeping track of your travels without having to be glued to your phone!
Polarsteps automatically tracks your travels and the places you visit during your trips. The application even offers to compile your photos in a complete trip album!
A practical time-saver and perfect for loved ones who want to follow your adventure.

15 helpful applications for organising your travels

Other apps for making life easier when travelling!

Holding a conversation, finding the nearest toilets or dropping your luggage off somewhere while you explore… Here are the apps that will solve all your day-to-day quandaries!

Google Translate

You aren't completely fluent? It isn't a problem! Google Translate is on-hand to help.

Piratical to translate text in over 70 languages. By downloading the dictionary for the language you're interested in before you set off, you'll not need to use up internet data to use the translator.

The world is yours! El mundo es tuyo ! Dunia adalah milikmu !  世界是你的 ! thế giới là của bạn !

For a low-waste trip: refill

Are you a firm believer that it's important to travel with a refillable water bottle, but struggle to find where to fill it up? Refill gives you a map of places where you can find drinking water sources around the world! In some cases, you'll need to pay a small fee (which is still cheaper than buying a bottle of water) but this will still avoid using a plastic bottle. If ever you find yourself in a country where the water needs to be filtered before drinking, we've got just the water bottle for you.
You can also discover the refill my bottle project developed in Bali to combat plastic pollution.

Need to find a toilet? Where Is Public Toilet

Sometimes, when travelling, it can be hard to find nice and clean or accessible toilets. Where Is Public Toilet lists all of the places where you can find public toilets, no stress! This is a collaborative app, so feel free to add to the interactive map with any toilets you find and reviews! The only downside of this app: it's only available on Android

For hands-free exploring, Nannybag is an app for luggage drop-offs

Sometimes, when you're between two destinations, it's easier to leave your luggage at a drop-off point before being able to access your hotel room, youth hostel or Airbnb. Nannybag is the perfect app for finding somewhere safe to store your luggage around the world (almost everywhere, anyway)

Of course, weather apps or transport apps specifically for the city you're in are always useful. You can also use class apps (I'm pretty sure you'll be familiar with them already) to find the best prices for train tickets and hotel rooms.
If your travel plans are set, it's time to kit yourself out !

15 helpful applications for organising your travels

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