Which waterproof to choose?

How to choose a waterproof

Are you looking for the ideal equipment for all-weather activities? Decathlon can help you choose the right waterproof here!

Whether it’s for your daily outings or for doing sports, a waterproof jacket is essential for keeping you dry in the autumn and winter months. However, when you're looking for a special piece of clothing like this, you’re quickly confronted with a wide range of models, but also with features that aren't always easy to differentiate, such as waterproof and water resistance levels. Here we help you find your ideal model by explaining how to choose the right waterproof for your needs.

Which waterproof to choose?

Windbreaker or waterproof jacket?

Not all waterproofs provide the same level of protection from the rain. While some models offer effective protection against the elements, other jackets are primarily windbreakers and won't keep you dry in the event of heavy showers.

So it's essential to understand the differences between each model and to establish your specific needs so that you find a waterproof that will meet all of these needs. If you want to do outdoor activities all year round, you should get yourself some waterproof clothing so that you’re ready for all types of weather.

When should you wear a rain poncho?

Determining how you intend to use your waterproof will help you to choose the right jacket. Depending on what activity you’re doing, you’ll need a jacket that is more or less waterproof so that you can enjoy your activity in all weathers with peace of mind. A waterproof is the perfect addition to your autumn wardrobe if you do any of the following activities.

- Which waterproof do you need for hiking? If you’re hiking in the forest or in the great outdoors, the unpredictable weather of certain seasons can quickly catch you out. There can be heavy showers, but you can protect yourself with a lightweight waterproof jacket. A jacket with a short, fitted cut will give you freedom of movement so that you can enjoy your hikes whatever the weather. While it's a good idea to keep an eye on the weather when planning your routes for safety reasons, the rain will no longer be an issue, and you can enjoy your passion to the full.

- Choosing a waterproof jacket for cycling: Like all outdoor activities, your cycling routes are inevitably subject to weather conditions. Whether you're taking it easy on country roads or training on steeper paths, it's important that you can focus on your performance and enjoying your activity at all times. Depending on your preferences, you can opt for a short model, taking care to add a thigh protector so you don't get wet during your exercise. For all-round protection, rain capes or ponchos can provide effective insulation from the rain during your rides and races, without impeding the movement of your legs when pedalling.

- How to choose a waterproof for sailing?Bad weather on a boat usually means rough seas. If your outfit is to keep you dry in spite of the rain, it must also be sufficiently waterproof to ward off splashing waves when you're on deck. Yellow foulies have been developed over the years and now come in a range of sizes and colours to suit everyone's taste. You can also opt for a more fitted, technical jacket that performs just as well, from the wide range of waterproofs in our catalogue dedicated to sailing.

- Find a waterproof for your running sessions: Ideal for improving your cardiovascular performance and strengthening your leg muscles, running requires very little equipment and can be done in a variety of environments: comfortable sportswear and a suitable pair of trainers. Nevertheless, when the weather is wet, you need to be able to run without the risk of coming back from your running session soaking wet. At the end of the good weather, buying a waterproof is essential if you want to keep up your training rhythm and work out without compromising on comfort.

Whether you're running, hunting, sailing, hiking or cycling, you need to practice your activity regularly to improve. By knowing how to choose a waterproof that's compatible with your sport, you can keep up your efforts throughout the year to simply improve your performance and endurance.

Choosing the right size for you

Your comfort and ease of movement are essential if you are to succeed at your sport. Whatever model of waterproof you choose, the size of your jacket is a criterion not to be overlooked if you are to be fully satisfied with your purchase.

- What size women's waterproof should you get ?From 34 to 44, women's waterproofs guarantee a close-fitting garment with a cut designed for your body type. So you can enjoy a jacket that's comfortable to wear in all situations. The different models will also allow you to choose technical features that are useful for doing your sport. Waterproof, breathable, warm – a jacket adapted to your size will allow you to take full advantage of the qualities of your garment.

- How to choose a men’s waterproofMen's waterproof jackets come in sizes 39 to 48 to suit everyone's needs. Designed with the male figure in mind, these models offer effective protection against the elements, so you can enjoy your sports activities at your own pace all year round. Depending on your discipline, you can compare the shapes and criteria of each waterproof for a jacket you won't want to leave behind when it's likely to rain!

- Children's waterproofsgoing everywhere with young adventurers: Family activities and the adventures of the youngest sports enthusiasts can't always wait for the return of warmer weather! To encourage them in their activities and offer them stimulating, sporting outings in the great outdoors, it's essential to equip them with a waterproof that's just right for them. From 2 to 15 years old, the models on offer come in trendy colours and patterns to meet the expectations of your budding athletes.

Whether you're looking for your next sports jacket or dressing your children, a waterproof in the right size gives you real freedom of movement, as well as effective protection. A model that's too baggy won't be able to insulate you from the cold, for example. On the other hand, a jacket that's too tight will restrict your freedom of movement and make your activities really uncomfortable. So if you're not sure which size waterproof to choose, don't hesitate to go straight to the shop to try some on!

Which waterproof to choose?

Understanding waterproofing criteria

As you can see, it's essential that your needs guide your jacket purchase. To find out how to choose a waterproof jacket, it's essential to compare waterproofing criteria. Calculated according to the Schmerber unit of measurement, and in compliance with the ISO 811 standard, this data gives you a precise indication of the garment's waterproofing. Manufacturers carry out rigorous and precise laboratory tests to determine the maximum level of water and duration of exposure to rain that the fabric can withstand.

Taking into account your habits and objectives for use, you can then choose a waterproof with the following degrees of waterproofing:
- 1,000mm: can withstand a light shower for one hour.
- 2,000mm: can withstand a light shower for two hours.
- 5,000mm: can withstand a light shower for three hours.
- 10,000mm:can withstand a light shower for three hours.

An essential concept that keeps you dry in all situations, but above all allows you to pursue your sporting activities in the best possible way, without compromising your comfort.

Pay attention to the practical details of your waterproof

To find a waterproof that meets all your expectations, it's best to choose a model with practical details that match your usage habits. Here are just a few of the features you'll appreciate on your autumn and winter outings.

- An adjustable hood: Most waterproofs have a hood to protect your head and neck from the rain. Not all of them can be adjusted to suit you, but you can easily adjust the width of your hood if you're wearing a thick hat or a cycling helmet, for example. An adjustable hood therefore contributes to your comfort when you want to enjoy an outdoor activity despite the risk of rain on your route.

- Waterproof pockets: Whether it's inside, side or centre pockets, you generally need to keep a few personal belongings on you. With waterproof pockets, your car keys or even your phone can stay dry throughout your sports session. You enjoy the convenience of keeping these items close to hand, with the assurance that they won't be damaged during your outing.

A breathable waterproof: Practising your sport implies physical effort on your part, and therefore more perspiration, which needs to be able to be wicked away naturally. With breathable fabrics, you can avoid the unpleasant sensation of sticky, damp clothes during your activity. As with waterproofing, tests that comply with the ISO 11092 standard will tell you how to choose a waterproof simply by looking at the garment's breathability value:
- RET ≤ 3 = extremely breathable fabric
- RET ≤ 6= very breathable fabric
- RET ≤ 12= breathable fabric
- RET ≤ 20 = not very breathable fabric

Depending on the intensity of your training sessions, you'll be able to choose a waterproof that's tailored to your needs and performs well for sports sessions that won't wait for the warm weather to return!

Which waterproof to choose?

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