Trekking in the desert is a unique experience that is more accessible than it appears...

By using the services of a local tour operator or guide, you are sure to be able to disconnect and contemplate the breathtaking landscapes.

Every trek is different, but here is an example of a typical trek that (hopefully) will make you want to set off tomorrow!

trekking in the desert: how to do it



This article is only going to be looking at trekking organised by tour operators in the desert: because we already know that it is more reassuring but also because we feel it's a good way to make the most of the experience without worrying about the risks of a trek.


Our special article will tell you everything you need to know about preparing for a trek in the desert.


In the vast majority of cases, a very friendly bilingual guide welcomes you at the airport and takes you to the 1st part of your journey: he/she will guide you, advise you and manage the schedule through to the end of your trip.

... Doesn't that sound good?


This is also when you'll get to meet all the people taking part in the adventure: other trekkers, the cook, will take care of meals as you trek, the camel handler if you have chosen a trek with camels, etc.

Personally, I love to remember these first moments: after these simple beginnings comes the closeness born of amazing times experienced together!

arrival and supervision of a trek in the desert


The day begins with an early wake-up.

Everyone wakes up in their own time and comes to the breakfast area where the chef is cooking over a fire.

breakfast in the desert Moroccan tea

Once stomachs are full, we collect our belongings, pack away the camp and load the camels or the SUV which carry most of the equipment (including water reserves, generally provided by the tour operator).

Armed with your small 20 or 30L day bag (water, sunscreen, jumper or fleece, first aid kit: sometimes you won't be able to access the rest of your stuff before the evening!), you start walking early with the guide and, if your trek includes them, the camels.

Everyone treks at their own pace: whether you're a high-performance sportsperson, someone who just loves the great outdoors or a passionate photographer, you will find your niche. Your guide is always available to adapt the itinerary according to the needs of the group, take breaks or give you explanations on local history and culture.

walking in the desert in the morning with camels

Remember that walking in the desert is far from monotonous: the dunes change colour every day, you will go through different landscapes (erg, reg, oasis, etc.) and if you keep your eyes peeled you'll discover a rare and precious wildlife and flora!

Just before midday, the group stops in the shade for lunch and rests until the heat begins to fade.


Once the heat and sunshine become tolerable again, you set off again until nightfall when you'll set up camp and tuck into a hearty traditional meal.

Note that one of the highlights of a trek in the desert lies in its meals: they are rich, varied and most of all delicious because they are all prepared on site by a chef!


And it's no wonder that nights spent out in the desert are so magical !

Gathered around the fire under a very starry sky in the immensity of the desert: everything is there to create unforgettable memories...

So, are you ready to enjoy the experience...?


If your guide and the weather permit, we strongly advise you to experience a night under the stars. We're not going to tell you any more, we'd rather leave it as a surprise!