Our commitment: durability

To us at Forclaz, "durable" means:
durable trekking gear
Durability, reliability and performance over time.

​Durability is an essential attribute for trekkers, who must be able to depend on their gear whether setting out for a few days or a few months!

We test all of our products in the field with our trekking users.

To make certain of our durability pledge for our Trek 700 shoe, we tested it on what is considered the most difficult trek in Europe, the GR 20 in Corsica, as well as on highly abrasive surfaces such as the GR 131 in Tenerife.

Our trekking users walked 500 km in these shoes over a period of 5 weeks!

Our extensive lab and field tests allow us to offer a 10-year warranty on our trekking backpacks.

Environmental responsibility

The long-term reliability and the repairability of our products are key factors in reducing our environmental footprint. We are also continuously working to improve our production processes to reduce that impact even further. Our design and production teams look for materials with a low environmental impact in order to offer you products that are both durable and environmentally responsible.

The inner lining on your Trek 100 down jacket is grey because the fabric that we use reduces CO2 emissions by 40%. The fabric used in the lining is a mix of solution-dyed black thread with non-dyed thread. Compared with a standard dyed fabric, this process allows us to :

- reduce the emission of fine particles (PM2.5) by 66%
- reduce the eutrophication of fresh water by 74%
- reduce the eutrophication of salt water by 68%

The Forclaz team


Our signature reflects the products we create and the values we are committed to uphold.

Etymologically, forclaz means "little fork".

These days, forclaz means a narrow gap between two mountains, or a mountain pass.

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