The brand Forclaz by Decathlon

Maximum adventure, Minimal impact

Trekking & Travel

Since 2016, Forclaz teams have been designing durable trekking and travel gear, with the lowest possible environmental impact.
Resolutely committed to eco-innovation, we are exploring new ways to create and produce in a reasoned way, without compromising on quality and durability.

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“To make any kind of progress on a project like ecodesign, you need total faith, and guts. Otherwise, you only see the limitations before seeing the field of possibilities”

Adrien Gué, Technical director

The brand Forclaz

Our mission

Based at the foot of the Mont Blanc mountains, our team is obsessed with supporting your itinerant adventures as far and as long as possible.

What brings us together? Our thirst for exploration. And that's the minimum requirement when you start the long journey of durably transforming the practice of trekking and travelling.
To reach this goal, we work with trekkers and travelers from all over the world. Together we design ultra-durable products and experiences, with the lowest possible impact.

Ready to join the adventure?

You think of an existing Forclaz product that needs to be improved? Post a review on our website: our teams read all your feedback which informs our work, on a daily basis.

You want to co-create our future products? Register on the platform: we regularly post questionnaires and calls for product testing.

Our R&D center

Based at the foot of the Mont Blanc mountains, our design center is ideally located to exchange with outdoor enthusiasts and test our products in real-life conditions.
This site has all the necessary facilities for teams to carry out their design projects: a customer listening zone, prototype workshops, test laboratories, etc.

We take pride in our commitment to our work and are similarly proud to work in a eco-design, High Environmental Qualified certified building.
This means, for example:
- the building design is optimized to ensure it blends into the natural environment as much as possible: the building is designed to be as unobtrusive as possible so as not to ruin the magnificent view from the top of the mountains (sunk into the ground, tree planting etc.)
- rainwater harvesting, which provides all the water we need for our toilets and washing machines.
- optimization of the building's energy consumption: roof fitted with solar panels, insulation optimization, light intensity adapts depending on levels of outdoor lighting to reduce consumption, structural optimization of building to reduce heating and air-conditioning.
- waste management: every department has a recycling point and composting bin (used to fertilize our vegetable gardens). Our cleaning products have also been specially chosen to reduce indoor pollution.
- eco-friendly transport: charging points for electric vehicles with electric and traditional bikes freely available to staff to encourage use of low-impact forms of transport.

Welcome to our design center

Our team

The Forclaz team is made up of members with a range of skills and personalities from all walks of life, having in common the love of trekking and a personal commitment to a more sustainable world.
We share our values with those of our favourite sport: humility, solidarity, commitment, vitality and responsibility. It is by respecting these values that together we hope to establish ambitious sports projects, that will provide both pleasure and personal fulfillment.
We are proud of all our efforts and actions because all are actions make a difference.

Every year, we set off together for a "Trek week": it's an opportunity for us to get together to share our passion for trekking and test the latest prototypes (which are not always fully operational...)

The trek weeks

The brand Forclaz
The trek weeks
The trek weeks
The trek weeks
The trek weeks
The trek weeks
The trek weeks