Whether you’re a beginner or intermediate trekker, the weather conditions for your next expedition aren’t looking good? Don’t let it spoil things and cancel your trek!

Come and take a look at our tips for trekking in the rain.


rain trek wet dry

Setting off when it's raining or threatening to rain just means you have to be well equipped! It is often said there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad equipment. It's all about being effectively protected, both yourself and your backpack.


A brilliant tip given to us by mountain guides and Alpine guides is to take an umbrella with you. Big enough to protect you and your backpack.

Put a waterproof jacket and pants at the top of your bag so you can get them out easily in case of a quick shower. I say "quick shower" because the most breathable waterproof products eventually create condensation and you will be wet from the inside if you hike for too long wearing them!

Putting a pair of gaiters on over your boots guarantees dry feet.

And if you want to stay on the move without covering up, I recommend the Merino wool T-shirt because it stays warm even when wet!



In a word: plastic bags! Put all your stuff in plastic bags or waterproof bags. You'll be so happy when you arrive with dry clothes and sleeping bag.

Lots of backpacks contain a built-in rain cover. These are very practical but not always foolproof! That's why it's important to pack everything in plastic bags.

If you don't have a cover, a large-capacity bin bag can do the trick if you make holes for the shoulder straps.

Finally, to continue your trek in the rain, make sure you have a suitable waterproof bag for your map!



The debate that divides people: Poncho or no poncho?

Loved by some, hated by others, the poncho always gets a reaction. Let's take a look at the pros and cons!

Plus points: a large poncho can also cover your backpack. Convenient for all-in-one protection. Some even turn into a tarp to provide you with an easy shelter.

Minus points: the large width of the poncho hides your feet, which can be very disabling in narrow passages. The wind comes rushing in, bringing rain with it, so as far as protection's concerned, forget it!

My bonus tip: if your hood is a little too close to your face, slip a cap underneath and you'll be able to see further!

What's certain is that by trying things out, you'll find what suits you! And that's the most important thing


"Trekking is great! But trekking with poles is even better ... especially in the rain, because if the trails become muddy, your poles will prevent nasty stumbles.

You're now ready to trek in the rain, but watch out for storms! "