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The benefits of Merino woolA naturally effective fiber

After years of evolution,
the wool on Merino sheep has properties that are
perfect for use for trekking:

  • Odour resistant:

    The wool of Merino sheep naturally reduces the spread of bacteria that causes unpleasant odours. It can subsequently be worn for several days, enabling you to carry less clothing on a trek!

  • Thermal regulation:

    Merino wool has a greater capacity to absorb perspiration. It subsequently helps to keep the body dry and maintain the ideal body temperature: it protects you from the heat as well as the cold!

  • Softness:

    Our Merino wool is made from very thin fibers (18.5 microns) that don't itch. Completely unlike your grandmother's pullover!

  • Natural material:

    Merino wool is naturally biodegradable when the conditions are right for its composting. It is also renewable because it continues to grow after sheep shearing.

Animal welfareno mulesing

At Forclaz, we love to see, touch, understand and get to the bottom of things.
This is why we want to get involved in the whole process, from farming all the way to the purchase of the Merino wool used in our products.

We went to South Africa to meet the sheep farmers, and be able to guarantee you wool that respects animal welfare.


As opposed to other Merino wool exporting countries, South Africa has banned mulesing. A painful surgical procedure on sheep that aims to prevent the development of parasites on the animal.

This is why we have selected this wool.
And beyond the issue of mulesing, we wanted to check how the sheep are looked after and sheared.

The South African Merino sheep are farmed in the great outdoors, with sometimes up to 10 hectares per animal!
Sheep shearing specialists come to the farms several times a year. They have the ancestral know-how and are careful that this process is as comfortable as possible for the animals.

We want to create a real partnership with farmers to ensure this type of farming survives so that we can then offer you year after year Merino wool t-shirts in step with what you expect in terms of technical features and animal welfare.

Transparencyour industrial process

From shearing South African sheep to the finished product:
a continuous improvement approach to producing close to users.

  • France

    Forclaz by Decathlon

    Design and development centre

  • South Africa

    Konsortium-Merino (from 2019)

    Farming + shearing

    Segard Masurel


    Wool Testing Bureau (WTBSA)

    Quality control

  • China

    Chargeurs Wool

    Washing + carding + combing


    Spinning + washing


    Knitting + confection

  • World

    Forclaz by Decathlon

    Logistics + Commercialisation

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Discover the Merino range


Discover the Merino range