Whether it is to be worn during your hikes, your breaks or at the bivouac in the evening, choosing the right insulated jacket is not always easy… So check out all our tips for making the right choice!

choose the right trekking insulated jacket

The choice of an insulated jacket depends on the following 3 criteria: the outside temperature, the intensity of your physical effort and the filling material, naturally.

That said, the intensity of your physical effort is only important if you are hiking in very cold temperatures. If not, you will probably prefer to put on your insulated jacket during breaks or when bivouacking on your trek.


The first question to ask yourself when choosing an insulated jacket is: at what temperature will I use it? Depending on the season, the location of the trek and your sensitivity to the cold, you will need an insulated jacket that provides more or less warmth.

Bear in mind: all our insulated jackets are tested to provide optimal comfort in a specific temperature range when hiking. The conditions under which our tests are conducted are a walking speed of 5 km/h, a weak wind speed of 5 km/h and a complete winter outfit: fleece underneath, a pair of gloves, some warm trousers, shoes and a hat. This information can be found on the product page or the in-store signage.


An intense hike is a hike that requires a sustained level of effort (e.g. because of the elevation gain). During this type of hike or when you go on a hike over several days, it is preferable to choose a compact and light insulated jacket. Given its compact size, it can be stored in a small pouch or in one of the pockets of the jacket, and can therefore be easily transported in the backpack and keep you warm when you stop for a break.

For shorter, less strenuous hikes, you can wear the insulated jacket directly on you and therefore choose a non-compact insulated jacket.

How to choose your hiking insulated jacket


Not all insulated jackets are filled with the same component! Some are filled with feathers which generally offer the best weight/compactness/warmth ratio, while others are filled with wadding which has the great advantage of not being affected by moisture.

Want to know everything about the benefits of each of these materials? Check out our article!

Our insulated jackets are water repellent but not waterproof. So, in case of rain, we recommend that you wear a waterproof jacket or a poncho over the top.