Trek hike Christmas

7 Gift ideas for trekking enthusiasts

Gifts that are sure to delight fans of the great outdoors and self-sufficiency enthusiasts!

What Christmas present can you give the friend or family member who spends hours talking about his latest mountain bivouac trip or his plan to trek the Tour of Mont Blanc? Discover our range of sports products that are guaranteed to delight!

Gift tent trek hike

1/ Ultra-light tent

A tent is essential for mountain bivouacking and is a significant investment for all trekkers. Giving one as a present, guarantees your status as favourite brother/sister/friend for years to come.

Product highlight? It's lightweight, compact and comes at an unbeatable price.

Who's it for? Bivouac enthusiasts.

Cost? Recommended model: £109.99

Gift mattress trek hike

2/ A compact mattress 

Sleeping in the countryside is fine but you need a mattress so you don't have to sleep on the floor. And if it's compact and lightweight, that's a real bonus. You'll certainly make someone happy with our self-inflating trek 700 mattress!

Product highlight? Easy to fold.

Who's it for? All trekkers who want to enjoy a good night's sleep.

Average cost? £34.99

Christmas gift trek hike merino

3/ Merino wool 

Trekking in the mountains generally means spending several consecutive days without access to a shower. Which is why all trekkers, both male and female, love merino wool. As it helps reduce body odour! Very useful when you're trekking with a partner with no chance to wash.

Product highlight? It helps prevent unwanted odours!

Who's it for? Male and female trekkers who like natural products

Cost? From £7.99 for a wool hat to £39.99 for a long-sleeved T-shirt.

Reviews?  "Perfect for the mountains, doesn't itch, light colour so you won't overheat in the sun, barely smells after several days' wear.” (Techwool100 orange man)

Christmas gloves trek hike

4/ A good pair of gloves

Warm, wind-proof mittens/fingerless gloves combining dexterity and protection! Can be used with waterproof over-gloves - genuine, poncho-style gloves!

Product highlight? They offer versatile protection depending on the weather.

Who are they for? All trekkers.

Cost? £9.99 for the merino wool liner gloves and £12.99 for the over-gloves; for less than £23 you can treat your loved ones' hands to a proper pampering!

Reviews? 4.2/5 A Christmas present that went down very well with my mother-in-law” (I'm telling you!)

Christmas gift GPS trek hike

5/ A trekking gps

Do you want to make sure your loved ones find their way back easily? Give them a trekking GPS. It's something we seldom think of buying ourselves but it can be a very useful accessory.

Product highlight? 25 hours of battery life

Who's it for? All trekkers.

Cost? From £99.99 to £499.99; the model we recommend costs £159.99

Christmas gift pillow trek hike

6/ Comfort when bivouacking

The accessory that can really transform your night in a bivouac is the inflatable pillow! It's that little extra that can make all the difference between a good and a bad night under the canvas.

Product highlight? It takes up minimal room in the backpack.

Who's it for? All trekkers.

Cost? £12.99

Reviews? 4.7/5 “Inflates quickly and is super comfortable"

Christmas gift card trek hike

7/ A gift card

We all know people who prefer to choose their own presents. So, as a last resort, the present that will please them the most is a gift card.

Product highlight? You can personalise it by printing a photo of the lucky recipient on the card. Visit the website and all it takes is a few clicks.

Who's it for? All sports enthusiasts.

Cost? Anything from £10 to £200.

We've tried to suggest a range of products at a range of prices! Our trekking team hope you find something you like amongst this selection and that your chosen gift will make your family and friends extremely happy this Christmas

Happy holidays!